Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feline knows no cowboys

...but apparently, Suzi loves them. This is Suzi Loves Cowboys from OPI's Texas collection.

In full-blown winter sun...

...and in the shade.

A very nice, warm, cowish brown. Nice. Nothing to write home about. And since I'm no collector of browns, I don't have many brown cremes to compare this one to, but I'm sure there are a shitload (pun definitely intended) just like it. Still, if you're missing a nice dark, but not too dark, brown creme, this is one you could pick up. This is three coats, but you might be able to get away with fewer if you're either generous or careful, or perhaps both.

Swedish word of the day:
ko -noun cow
It's so simple.


  1. This looks like delicious chocolate to me ~ I think I need to satisfy my sweet tooth now...

  2. It's very shiny. I love browns but this is a tad too dark.

  3. It looks nice, but I'd prefer a 2 coater. ;) Your nails look great, hun! :*

  4. This is a really chocolatebrown nailpolish! I love it!

  5. LOL "apparently suzi loves them".
    :) Made me laugh.

  6. jaljen: This is with Diamont on top though!


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