Friday, December 31, 2010

The last day of the year

I was going to save this one for later, but I can't, it's just too pretty not to show immediately!

When my beloved friend Andrea of Evil Shades Cosmetics announced her latest limited edition creation a few months back, I crawled to her cross pretty darn fast to beg for some. I know I couldn't miss out on this. Except its real name, it also had mine written all over it, in tiny, invisible letters. This is Rainbow in the Dark.

Isn't that simply amazing?! I'm not sure if I ever told you this, but I'm obsessed with all polishes made from the concept space in a bottle. If it's black and full of glitzy color at the same time, chances are I will develop a huge, huge lemming for it. So, of course I needed it. And after I received it, I realised that the only right thing to do was to save it for New Year's Eve. After all, there's jst no other day, or night, that is actually all about rainbows in the dark. Not only is this polish an incarnation of space, but it's also fireworks in a bottle. While most black polishes with blinginess are made out of prismatic or holographic glitter or shimmer, Andrea got everything right by actually including all colors of the rainbow, all colors of the festive fireworks.

That being said, I want to give you a quick reminder that not all of us really appreciate actual, live fireworks. Even though they are pretty, they're also loud, and not only cats and dogs, and cattle, but also victims of war will have troublesome anxiety reactions to your fireworks. So try to limit them, and just fire it all away at midnight sharp! Me, I never buy or use fireworks. I like them on my nails. Only.

Though, I want to continue on the path of seriousness, because there is no such thing as joy and happiness only. I know some of you are metalheads too, but for those of you who aren't, this is the reason for Andreas creation.

Ronnie James Dio, the much loved, appreciated cult voice of several decades, passed away this year.

He wasn't always a mean machine, you know. In fact, I'm pretty certain he never was. Ronnie was one of few really sweet rock stars.

Later, with his trademark pose. The influences this man had on generations of rock fans and musicians can not be appreciated enough. His voice, his showmanship, his musical creations, along with the evil eye hand pose, that he inherited from his Italian grandmother, and then passed on to every metal loving kid on the planet... You will not find many musicians who had the amount of impact he did.

And with the risk of ruining your party mood, please remember two things. Several people died during the year, not just Dio. Both prominent, and ordinary people, who will be remembered by only a few, if any. Many of the ones who died, did so in vain. There are still vast amounts of people who die in war, both soldiers and civilians, who never asked to be part of it. A large percentage of people still die from horrible diseases, that we could be curing, if we had a sense of the value these people hold, just the same value you and I have. There are even way too many still dying from starvation, while you're hosting your New Year's Eve party.

The other thing I want you to remember, is that despite all the horror that is still going on in this world, there has also been almost countless births during the year. There are new little people born all the time, and almost all of them are, to a certain extent, clean slates that we may still give a healthy upbringing, with good values, into a beautiful world - if we want to. Most of these newborns will grow up to be important people. Some will be politicians, some will be musicians, some will be scientists... And most of them will mean the world to someone else. What they will become we do not know yet, and therefore never really think of while we remember the past year. But for every person who went away during the year and you spend a moment remembering, also remember all the new force that have been brought to life.

Don't underestimate the amount of good you can do for all the living people during the next year! The only way to make this world a better place is if we try to make it one, together.

There's only one way to say goodbye to a year. And that is to do so with good music.

But since I'm never too serious for too long, and always like fucking things up, here's the Humorous Hitler rendition of all of the above.

Swedish word of the night:
minne -noun memory, recollection
Cherish them, but don't live in them.


  1. OMG, I need this polish! I mean, Rainbow In The Dark?? Even before I scrolled down to the Dio part of your post, I knew I'll need to have it because of the name. It's one of my favourite songs by Dio ever. And I love the polish too! I must!! get it!

  2. Fantastiskt vackert lack.
    Vill du förresten ha kommentarer på svenska eller engelska? Spelar det någon skillnad?

  3. I'm so glad you love it as much as I do.
    Dio was/is not just a musician to me but a lifetime of memories and the begining of a love of music.

  4. That's an interesting polish :)

  5. Kajalpennan: Helt upp till den som kommenterar! Om man tror att ens kommentar har något allmänintresse kan det ju dock vara smart att använda sig av engelska eftersom jänkarna är överlägset största andel besökare på denna blogg. ;)


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