Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Linkin Park?!

...After Dark? This would indeed be an interesting collaboration, however maybe not very pleasant (and not because of After Dark). Though, the collaboration between OPI's old classic, vampy shade Lincoln Park After Dark and the adorn matte finish, with heavy silver foil shimmer thrown in, may not be as interesting. See for yourselves.

And since I like apologizing for just about anything, I'll do it today as well: this time for my dry cuticles. For obvious reasons I didn't moisturize efter finishing this manicure.

This was the one bottle from the original release of the OPI Suedes I saved myself from trying the longest of them all, simply because it just didn't seem that fucking spectacular. It's not that it's ugly, necessarily, but it's just... not that pretty either. Believe it or not, I started liking it better after a few hours as the finish had turned more satin. But I'm still not a fan of the shimmer in this one, it's just so... Speckled.

Not to mention it really does have terrible wear.

Swedish word of the day:
mocka -noun suede
not to be confused with
mocka -adverb cleaning the floor of a barn or stable
mocka -noun mocha
and definitely not
håna -verb mock


  1. I was underwhelmed by LPAD too! It's nice but that's it, just nice.

    Looks like Swedish is a lot like Blackfoot in the "same" word many meanings depending on use. lol

  2. What a pretty polish. I'm wondering why I don't have this :(

  3. I think it looks really pretty - I like the look of the suedes...

  4. I think it's gorgeous!! I love the texture.

  5. I'm starting to like the suede finish more and more (a little late eh?) It's an odd colour, but in this case odd is good! =)

  6. This is a nice color but I'm not so into it either.

  7. I've not tried any of the suedes as of yet. I love my shit super shiny, so I'm sure I'd slather on some Seche Vite. Do you use a matte topcoat as well, or is it naked?

  8. Mmm, never really got interested in this one until now...!

    Have you tried to use it with top coat? I wonder how those sparkles will show up!

  9. Put a top coat on it. It's absolutely gorgeous with a top coat.

  10. When I looked at this quickly I liked it, but when you look for a longer time and a bit closer, it's just not anything special. not amazing or anything. I'd like to see it with topcoat!

  11. Miss Meshow: No topcoat in these photos. I usually don't do matte topcoats, as it interferes with longevity, rather the occasional matte polish when I'm in a hurry.

    Sarah B. + Jennifer Armintrout: I usually do topcoat my matte polishes after a while because I like them sparkles too, but these Suedes just has the most poor wear to make it chip before one even has the chance to go get that bottle...

  12. I actually like this one. On you. =)


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