Friday, December 31, 2010

My purple girlfriends - Mimi

When Zoya released Julieanne for fall, Mimi had already come out prior, for summer, together with the now immortal Charla. In the bottles, Julieanne and Mimi are deceivingly alike, but like many have already proven, they're a bit different on the nail.

Of the two, Mimi is definitely my favourite. Unlike Julieanne, the base is as jellyish as both collection peers Charla and Ivanka, which makes the sparkly foil particles really pop. Also, I really, really like this type of purple color. Not too dark, not too light.

There, another one of my purple girlfriends, the ladies von Zoya.

Swedish word of the day:
nyårsafton -noun New Year's Eve
For obvious reasons.


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