Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A small Revolution

Hello dears! I hope and trust most of you had a nice time during the holidays - even though not all of us actually celebrate for any religious reasons, some time off is always welcome. Sure, I found myself getting up early and heading to work to wipe asses on both christmas day and the day after that, but that's OK, since Swedes are weird people and celebrate on christmas eve anyway. Celebration in my family is mostly about food and hanging out, which is how I reckon most Swedes do it. We're not very religious per se.

Still, I do get off on spending that one day each year to be really christmas-y, which of course is limited to mostly themed makeup and, before all: manicures. This year was all about revolution!

Revolution from China Glaze as a base (I admit, I bought it for the name, but that's OK, since I like red cremes), and on top of that one thin coating of the green flakies and shimmer found in Nfu Oh 56. Added, some red stars (NYX Girls special glitter polish 226) to make everything perfectly obvious, but they didn't come out or show up all that well.

Here at least you can see a couple of them. Please pardon the sucky flash lit photos, but since the day before christmas eve was winter solstice, the next day wasn't very bright either. By the time I had finished my manicure there was hardly any of that greyish, dim daylight left - and time was just past 2 PM.

However, this combination is just too nice not to show you. In fact, green flakies on top of red polish is my new thing. And to be perfectly honest with you, I did a semi-matching pedicure (I know, I know...), only with a darker red base (an old NYX Girls called Deep Red - gorgeous vampy dark red jelly, and still available at Cherry Culture!). Of course you'll have to try it out for yourselves to believe it, because this combination does not translate well onto camera when flash light is all you've got.

With this pretty manicure I took my family and went off to my mom's place for a shitload of traditional Swedish christmas food, such as many different herrings, the typical oven-baked ham, a couple of differently cooked cabbage dishes, smoked salmon, gravlax, shrimp salad and Jansson's Temptation. The final nail in the coffin is called klenät.

And just because I can, here's a heavily filtered self-portrait.

Christmas-y eye makeup courtesy of Meow Cosmetics, and all I used was my most used pigment of all time, Scandal Eyes Traci L., a beautiful shimmery white. It's truly versatile, and I use it dry as a highlighter and as a blending pigment for my inner corners, but here I also used it wet on my lower eyelids. It's like snow! I always use Urban Decay Perversion Liquid Liner and Kanebo 38° mascara for the oompf parts. The lipstick is one called Red Stain from WTF?. My trusty holy grail foundation is Double Wear from Estée Lauder, and I believe the eye area concealer I use at the moment is from Elizabeth Arden. And you can never go wrong with a red dress with white polka dots.

Within this week I'm planning to post manicures on a theme I've been torturing (no, not really) myself with, and special attention is required from those of you who happen to like purple polishes. Cammi was supposed to take part in this small theme week, but she's encountered a bad break, and therefore we need to give her a break! I can assure you she's got plenty at her hands at home for the moment being, but she has promised to return as soon as possible, and has revealed she still has some comparisons to post, to our delight. With these words, I hope you will forgive us for being absent during the last week, but some of you ought to know that parenting during the holiday season takes even more time than usual. ;)

Swedish word of the day:
julduk -noun christmas tablecloth
See how handy Swedish is sometimes?! And yes, I have one. My first. Ever. (I'm 30 now.)


  1. You are sooo gorgeous!! :D I love the mani. I did something similar to that it turned out really nice. I liked yours better though. ;)

  2. So pretty ! And by that I mean everything on this post!

    I wore a red CHG for Xmas as well. Ruby Deer, I just love the name :)

    You seem to be feeling so much better these days! I feel good about seeing you like this!

  3. Btw, celebration on Brazil is on the 24th as well, and there is only a festive lunch on the 25 th!

  4. Måste absolut testa gröna flakes över rött! Lät som en spännande kombination. Jättefina naglar och fint självporträtt!

  5. Jättefina naglar och fint självporträtt:)

  6. Youre gorgeous! Maybe youd think about doing more makeup posts?? I need to get me some GOSH Rainbow, its the closest thing to nfu oh 56 i can get in ireland! Your nails have finally made me need it!

  7. I really like your face! And your manicure too.

  8. Aoife: Honestly, I seldom do much makeup. My go-to products are foundation, mascara and lipgloss only. I mostly go the extra mile for special occasions, and in my life, those rarely oocur. ;)

    And thanks to all of you for your nice compliments! <3

  9. Great post as ever, but... What about your "old" photos? I liked them, they were so unique, without the bottle! Will you go back to that style? :-)

  10. Valeria Sciarrillo: I most definitely will! The flash lit photos with bottles are my sloppy swatch photos. I only do these when I have no access to daylight, which is very much the case a lot of the time in Sweden during December. :)


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