Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spring news from Depend

I managed to cut this out from a newsletter from Depend Cosmetics. Apparently, this is what we can expect in form of new lacquer shades for spring 2011. These new shades will be available in stores in northern Europe from February.

And to make the crackle even further accessible to the customer base, Depend is also releasing a bunch of Cracked Effect polishes. These will be in stores any day now, and a little pricier than the standard lacquers, at 39 SEK a piece.

How do you feel about these? Personally, I'm hoping the rightmost of the crackle polishes is a purple, and the blue metallic polish in the top picture looks somewhat promising!


  1. WOOWWWW,,
    love these crackle polishes, and new spring collection from depend,
    It's so stupid you can't buy them in the netherlands,
    could you please give me an adress or something where I could get them?


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. YES! How fun is that, a crackpolish from Depend.... have to try if they are any good! Still a good price compare to say Isadora. AND the spring colours are lovely!! My collection is definitly growing this spring!

  4. Joelle: Unfortunately, I don't think Depend polishes are sold online at all. You'll have to ask a friend in Sweden, Norway or Finland (I believe) to pick some up for you.

    Marie G: We'll be drowining in crackle polishes pretty much yesterday. ;D Though I agree on the pricing, it's cheaper by the ml than the super overpriced IsaDora ones.

  5. I just keep wishing that Depend would bring back that pretty holo they had earlier, the blue #132. And more holos anyway!

  6. I agree about the holos! Can't wait till feb, want to get my hands on those blues and greens... yummy!

  7. Åh, kul med billiga crackle-lack. Själv ser jag fram emot att testa det röda.

  8. Of course, well be drowning in crackle polish soon enough! Just wish I had the money to try a better brand....


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