Saturday, January 1, 2011

The big purple and pink holo comparison

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I'm sorry I've been absent, I've had a lot on my plate and as Feline wrote the other day I now have a bad, ugly nail break on my swatching hand. =(
While waiting for my nail to grow out a bit I thought I would show you some comparisons I didn't post during comparison week. You may need to click on the pictures to really see the holo effect. First up is my cool purple and pink Holos:

1. Color Club Wild at heart, 2. Chg Octagon wild, 3. OPI DS Original, 4. Chg IDK, 5. Chg Visit me in prism, 6. OPI DS Diamond, 7. Color Club Fashion Addict, 8. Nfu oh 63, 9. Nfu oh 64, 10. Nubar Brilliant, 11. Glitter Gal light pink, 12. Chg How about a tumble and the one without a number is OPI DS Signature (I got this after applying the others)

(DH is holding this one)

Moving on to my warm purple and pink Holos:

1. OPI DS Exclusive, 2. OPI DS Extravagance, 3. Chg Tickle my triangle, 4. Nubar Prize, 5. OPI DS Reflections, 6. Chg Don't be a Square, 7. Chg Rated Holographic, 8. Chg TTYL, 9. OPI DS Chiffon

The holo effect varies and some of these are more prismatic glitters than holos. Since I love holos and prismatic glitters I like most of these but I'm not very impressed by the effect on Color Club Wild at heart, Nubar Brilliant, Glitter Gal light pink and OPI DS Reflections. Which ones are your favorites?

Swedish word of the day:
baksmälla -noun hangover
Quite common on New Year's Day...


  1. I love all these holos! How many do you own?

  2. Rachel Marie: I have no idea and I'm afraid to count! :)

  3. Great swatch! I own many of them and now I se how they are compered to polishes I want


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