Monday, January 10, 2011

Blue skies again

Finally there's some blue visible between the clouds in Stockholm! Suitable for showing you this layered manicure, even though it was worn on a cloudy day...

This is a nice duochrome polish I swapped with a sweet American to obtain, Blue Sky from Scherer's small Chameleon line. One coat over Sally Hansen Gray by Gray, since I had read the formula would be horrendous, which I can now confirm, and I figured I wouldn't have the patience to build it from bare nails. Duochromes are very useful for layering purposes though, and I feel it's often adequate to use them this way.

What's not visible in these photos are the strong lilac flash from a direct angle, so try to imagine that being there. You know how cameras work with these magenta tones... Sigh.

And here are some more pics for ya:

Swedish word of the day:
extrapass -noun extra work shift
I got a little too nice and accepted one tonight.


  1. I love this polish. It's actually not to hard to build up, because it dries so fast. You have to apply it like a holo. If you reapply over the same spot, it makes a bald spot.

  2. Is this in my untrieds and i bought it over a year ago *hits head*...thanks for reminding me why i grabbed it in the fist place, so pretty!

  3. ooeehh this is a gorgeous duochrome!!! Really really pretty :)

  4. Very beautiful! How much I love blue duochromes...

  5. Åh, det här var fantastiskt vackert!

  6. oh my goodness, this is stunning!!


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