Monday, January 31, 2011

Cozu-Melted In The Sun

Another oldie, OPI Cozu-Melted In The Sun from the Mexico collection, a light pinky peach with some copper and silver microglitter. I did three coats but this is a sheer one and I had some VNL problems. The first two pictures were taken inside by the window in the sun:

This is how it looked outside, much more pink:

I don't hate it but I will probably never wear this again because of the VNL and because it's a little bit to orange to look good on me.

Swedish word of the day:
fynd -noun bargain
I just attended a 70% sale!


  1. What is VNL?
    I know it may sound like a stupid question but I really don't know

  2. Oh, sorry, it means visible nail line!

  3. that's such a gorgeous colour!

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  4. I don't mind the colour, but the VNL is the easiest way for me to forget about a polish, regardless of gorgeousness.

  5. oh ok, yes I agree I see the nail line.

  6. I have two of this color and it is a totally different shade in each bottle! One is more of a pink, and the other a sandy orange.

  7. Jaztee: I agree!

    Liz: That's odd, on the other hand, My private Jet exists in 4 different versions /that I know of). Maybe it has been re-released or something!

  8. i LOVE this colour. i don't own it and now i need it (so...damn you! :P)



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