Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally Royal

You never imagined the Feline turning all royalist, did you? Nah, not gonna happen. But from time to time, very nice polishes with such references are released. As in this case, Revlon's Royal.

These photos are not entirely accurate. Like so many vividly colored jellies tend to, the camera turned this one way more transparent than it really is. It is deeper, and even though the nail line is clearly visible, it's a dark polish in reality. This is two coats, except on the middle nail where three coats are shown. Much difference? Same here, in reality: no. Though it looks like I have a pile of shit underneath my nails, I swear, I don't! I blame it all on the limitations of photography.

It's incredibly luscious. If you haven't yet grabbed a bottle, you should. If you can find one.

Swedish word of the night:
kunglig -adjective royal
No thanks.


  1. I see this one all over the place! I've been passing it by but I might pick it up just because.

  2. i love dark blue shades.... soo pretty

  3. I've picked this up and put it back 3 times. Now I need it. :D

  4. Gosh, I can't believe I had this in my hand TWICW and put it back! *headdesk* Looks great on you!

  5. Supersnyggt! Skulle gärna lägga vantarna på en kungsblå jelly!

  6. I have 2 bottles, because when I saw this color, I KNEW I needed a back-up...LOL!

  7. Have you bought this in Sweden? Where? I so want it.

  8. Nails by Catharina: No, I bought it from ebay - try your luck there! :)

  9. Very pretty!
    I love royal blues <3
    I almost got a few blue polishes to ya but I kept remembering how blue reminds you of the party you hate and ended up not getting you the blues I planned lol...


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