Monday, January 3, 2011

The iridescent silver glitter (?!) comparison

Didn't know what to call this comparison. How do you describe this kind of polish? Iridescent glitter in a silver glitter base? I keep buying these, thinking "this will be great for layering". Anyway, on to the comp:

1. Chg Nova, 2. Nubar silver sparkle, 3. Chg Shooting star, 4. Viva la diva 72, 5. OPI Disco Ball sparkle, 6. Orly Shine on you crazy diamond, 7. OPI Yule love this silver, 8. Chg Fairy Dust, 9. OPI Text me- Text you

As you can see, Nova has the biggest silver glitter pieces, Silver Sparkle and 72 are quite similar but Silver Sparkle is more dense. Shooting star and Disco Ball Sparkle has hexagon shaped glitter but Shooting star is much lighter than Disco Ball Sparkle.

Since number 6-9 has a clear base and are barely visible (intended for layering) so I layered them over black:

This would look so much better in the sun but I live in Sweden... Fairy Dust used to be my go-to layering polish, it looks great over almost everything. It's hard to tell the difference between Fairy Dust and Yule love this silver. Shine on you crazy diamond has extremely sparse glitter and Text me-Text You feels kind of pointless, I don't think I'll ever use these (I'll keep em though, just in case...)

Swedish word of the day
rea -noun sale
The only good thing about january!


  1. Jag använde Fairy Dust över en vanlig fransk manikyr på en kund häromveckan. Blev faktiskt förvånande snyggt!

  2. disco ball is so pretty, want is sooo bad :)

  3. Språkvårdaren: Ja FD kan hotta upp även de tråkigaste sheers!

    Solensdanserinde: Too bad it's so HTF!


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