Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Ink Heart and all of its One Thousand and One Nights

How's that for a title, huh? I feel inspired. Some lacquers do that to you, more than others. And today I have not only one, but two beauties to show you. And I'm proud to do so. First up, here's Ink Heart from the NYX Girls line, reinvented last spring.

Can you tell how squishy this blue jelly is? This is three rather thick coats. I like my jellies deep like that. The thickness caused some bubbles, but anyone who's more careful than I am will make it without bubbles occuring.

And before you ask, here's how it compares to some other of our favourite dark blue shades.

I took this baby for a trip to IKEA to buy my third, much needed Helmer, and it stood up well for such a trial - you know, the usual packing and unpacking and packing again and then home, unpacking again and finally building. And despite having my love for blue slightly fringe bitten by the world of Swedish politics, wearing this was heaven. And while doing so, I couldn't help thinking that this awesomeness would make a fantastic frankening base. And then I got an idea I believed in.

I'm sure this has been executed a million times before, but I'm still confident enough to say: Essie Starry Starry Night - go fuck yourself! This is my latest creation, aptly named One Thousand and One Nights.

See? Yes. The glitter is gold instead of silver.

And then: sun!

What do you think? Nothing really, or am I right to take pride and feel content about this one?

The recipe is easy: About 2/3 of Ink Heart, and then some of Color Club's Enchanted Holiday, from the mini set released for the recent holiday season, completed by five or six drops of a black creme. You can tell from the closeup photo that Enchanted Holiday provided two different sized glitter particles, small square and slightly larger hex ones.

I also made a little sister for this one that I may show you some day - we'll see about that.

And yes, January is my blue month. When the holidays are over, and there's only cold and iciness, snow crystals everywhere I look, that's when I bring out my blue polishes. I've gathered a bunch from my untrieds drawers to see if I can get through at least some of them in the near future. So, lovers of blue polishes, this might be the place to hang around during the coming period of time! Though I'll of course eventually grow tired of wearing only one color, and from time to time abandon it for others.

Swedish word of the day:
solförmörkelse -noun solar eclipse
Apparently we had one for a few seconds today.


  1. I love your blog! There are so many polishes and not enough money, you help me narrow down my wish list! :) I am curious, how do you get the perfect manicure every time?


  2. Ahhh I absolutely LOVE you franken!
    Baaah, I wish I could buy that! No good lemming a franken lol!

  3. Lol. Yeah, Starry Night needs to go f*** itself. It's one of my most expensive lemmings and I still can't bring myself to pay eBay prices for that ONE bottle.

    Awesome color! :)

  4. Wow! Supersnyggt! Nu måste jag skaffa fram lacken till den här skönheten och franka själv! En bra anledning att besöka Cherry Culture antar jag... :D

  5. Holy crap, you made a perfect polish!! It's totally amazing!

  6. Bravo! I think it's awesome, too! Definitely something to be proud of creating! :) I'll have to give recreating it a try. Thank you for the recipe. Now to find some of that glitter polish...

  7. Great franken! The name reminds me of the song "Sahara" by Nightwish:-)

  8. Mycket snyggt! du har all anledning att vara stolt :)


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