Saturday, January 1, 2011

My purple girlfriends - Sloane

So, today we have New Year's Day, and all I have is some very sad documentation of the vampy "purple" Zoya Sloane, complete with dangs and scratches on top. Did I ever tell you about the situation we have with the sun, here in Sweden? Sigh.

Purple? If you by purple mean what we in Sweden call purpur, which is the reddish kind of purple, then yes, but purple? I'd say burgundy, or if I'm in a good mood, plum.

The base is much red leaning, but there is also blue shimmer present, which is well visible in the bottle, but not so much on the nails, at least not when the manicure is executed by yours truly. However, you can see a teeny tiny bit of that blue with the flash on.

Sloane is a very nice shimmery vampy, but I would not categorize her as a purple. As long as you know you're getting a vampy and not a true purple, I think she's well worth the bucks though. The application and coverage was quite pleasant, even though I did three coats because I'm like that and I'm sure you would get away with fewer ones.

How many of you are fans of Sloane, if I may ask?

And yes, I had a recent nubbinization due to work, and I do fear my nails will be held at a somewhat short length over the next few weeks, since I'll be working every weekend for some time. I file 'em talons down the night before a weekend of work shifts start, it has become like a religious cleaning. And I just have to, because I hate to accidentally scratch my sweet little old ladies!

Swedish word of the day:
plommon -noun plum
Some shades of them are actually quite nice.


  1. Vampy yes. Purple no. Agreed. Good polish. Personally I prefer short nails.

  2. Meh, one of the Zoyas that really looked bad for my taste, even though I love all the colours and finish in theory, that this polish has. It looked boring on me.

  3. Jag tror inte att jag sett det här lacket förut, men jag gillar det! Älskar vampiga lack!

  4. Jag älskar Sloane! Den är så vacker i solsken! Ja, den är alltid fin men i sol... Mmmm! Hela den kollektionen är fantastisk! En av de första Zoya-kollektionerna jag köpte i sin helhet och faktiskt både skimmerdelen och krämdelen. Fortfarande använder jag skimmerlacken rätt mycket.

  5. Lurve this!
    Vampies are always nice <3
    I really like this!!

  6. I love Sloane. I'm a big fan of anything "almost-black!"


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