Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, that Ugly Mayonnaise!

Today it's finally time for a long overdue review: the latest releases from the masculinity imposing brand ManGlaze. First up, the new version of the already classic Fuggen Ugly.

In sun...

...and shade.

Detail in sun.

And the mandatory topcoated photo. Look at the massive bling! Even Marc "EZ" Paez, the brand proprietor, said upon seeing this photo that he didn't know Fuggen Ugly contain all these colors! And you know how I just love polishes that refracts all the colors of the rainbow... Pure love.

Next, the entirely new shade Mayonnaise:

In sun. Look at that shimmer!

In the shade.

Detail in sun.

And the topcoated version. Really shimmery, but not as dramatic a change as Fuggen Ugly (and the previously re-released version of Matte is Murder) undergoes with the extra gloss coating.

What can I say? I have already admitted to being a fan of the ManGlaze products. I have also admitted I'm a lover of gunmetal grey lacquers. Fuggen Ugly is right up my metal alley - despite the seeming lack of color, one just always look completely fab in grey polished tips. And that applies to both women and men. I believe I used two or three coats of Fuggen Ugly. It's not terribly opaque, but considering the shimmer particles you may reveal with a topcoat, I'd say that's a WIN situation. I'm not a fan of flat matte polishes, and this isn't one.

On to Mayonnaise. If you're part of the small group of people who actually read text content in polish blogs, you may have considered that lately I've been trying to venture into the land of whites. I like the idea of white polishes, and like in this case, a shimmery, non-flat looking one is appealing. However, I can't make it work out for me. I have little experience with handling pastel formulas, I find them annoying and I seldom have the patience to take the time to allow the thorough drying they seem to need in between each coat. Plus, they usually require plenty of coating to even out properly. For these photos, I used four coats of Mayonnaise, and still didn't manage to make it even - use the third photo for reference. As an OCD like perfectionist, this stings me.

That being said, I'm sure anyone who has more love and understanding for the typical pastel formula could make Mayonnaise work. The finish is beautiful, but for me to actually use it, it would require some formula improvement. That doesn't necessarily mean it's worse than other pastels out there, it's just not as good as the formula of the darker colors. And, for any impatient guy who'd be willing to try this out, I would rather recommend Fuggen Ugly than Mayonnaise.

The other day, Marc Paez revealed a new, coming, label design for Fuggen Ugly - check it out! It's neat. Metal chicks like me dig this kind of stuff. Even though I realize it's mostly supposed to have some kind of alluring effect on men, who currently place about 30 % of the orders of ManGlaze products, according to Marc.

And you know me, I definitely dig the fact that women are wearing more bold colors these days, and that men wear polish at all. Being slightly opposed the classic gender roles, it makes me happy to see how this can only lead us further on the path towards equality. How about you girls, are you accepting of your men wearing nail polish, makeup, or even skirts?

I mean, how can you not love a metal dude who wears skirts onstage, and persistently continues the quest to eliminate racism (and has a terribly thick French accent)?

Vorph of Samael.

Swedish word of the day:
kön -noun gender
Use your liberty to question it.


  1. Thanks for an awesome review. I knew I needed Fuggen Ugly before, but Mayonnaise looks appealing for the first time with your pictures (and I thank you for not putting that silver stuff on top making in an abomination to my eyes). I think that with top coat and a crackle polish it would look awesome. But the descirption of application worries me a bit. We'll see when it's time to order.
    As for the rest of your entry - I can only say I agree. And I just saw Samael a few weeks ago, he looked great on stage. And you know I've got a thing for men with long hair, if my man has them longer than I do. ;) I still claim few guys look hotter with long black skirt with few chains on it. I've seen the proof of that! Great post. :)

  2. *Dies at topcoat picture* colorful sparkle!!!

  3. Hear, hear! I've had Fuggen Ugly on my wishlist for a while but now I really have to get it to support a company with good values, there's not a lot of them out there.

    Ja, just det:
    Kön - line, queue ;)

  4. I desperately need Mayonnaise now :/ I am not a fan of mattes as well, but these two with the glossies on are so pretty.
    I agree w/ you about whites...I always loved them, but they are usually hard to deal with...Titanium Dioxide just has huge particles...So I don't think they will ever get better :(

  5. I think that one of the best things about Manglaze, besides the polish, is that it's a man behind it all. A man that not just likes but loves polish.

    Was going to order from them last year but life got in the way, so I still haven't tried any of their products. However, Mayonnaise looks like it would come in handy frankening. A good base.

  6. They look so hot on you! I love all of my Man Glaze...they truly are "Metal"!

    As for men and gender rolls, my lines are so blurred! I personally think men look hot in nail polish, toe polish, a wicked skirt and even makeup...but then really who cares what anyone thinks, if it makes that man happy I say go for it!

  7. Ulmiel: I'm envious of you! I'd like to see Samael at some point too, but haven't yet been able to. And yes, long hair makes my heart beat a whole lot faster. Childish maybe, but what can a girl do... :) (I have finally managed to grow longer hair than my man! Relatively at least. But we both have down to our butts. xD)

    nailspotting: THE line, THE queue, even - quite obviously not the intended meaning here. ;)

    schmut: My top recommendations are Matte is Murder and Fuggen Ugly. Get those. :)

    Evil Angel: Blurred lines when it comes to gender is a good thing, and how I like it. :)


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