Saturday, January 29, 2011

Serena Williams Glam Slam

Here's the lovely lady in all her polished glory:

And here is her own OPI lacquer, Simply Smash-ing.

These photos have been color corrected. My camera refuses to pick up some green tones, which irks me to death right now. But happily, you've already seen this one a million times - though pretty colors like this one can't be seen too many times! Golden chartreuse green foil in three coats. It's a bit on the sheer side, so it won't get completely opaque even at this point, but happily, polishes with this amount of reflective particles seem to hide that itteh bitteh visible nail line left.

Simply Smash-ing is sold only in a set (pun?) with the Black Shatter crackle polish, so of course I tried the combination out.

Nice indeed. I also attempted a third variation on this theme, though I can't really recommend it, even if it actually is slightly better in reality:

Since Simply Smash-ing is sheer, I tried it on top of the crackle as well. It looks... Erm... Well. Slightly disturbing.

I love, love, love Simply Smash-ing! It's a beautiful color, right up the Feline alley of spring green colors. Sparkly, vivid, fun. My only question is: why, WHY, OPI, what's up with all the hyphens lately? Hyphen this and hyphen that. Do you really think cosmetics consumers are so stupid that we won't get your tiresome puns if the hyphens weren't there? Yawn.

Swedish word of the day:
tennisboll -noun tennis ball
Quite obvious, huh?


  1. Den är verkligen helt magiskt vacker!

  2. yeah im gonna cop that one ,but the katy ones are too sheer from the swatches that i've seen.I have'nt nor will i feel the crackle look so i see that TD has it sold separately-wise move. nice mani, nice post.

  3. I definitely prefer it with crackle over the top. Great macro shot of the shimmer :)

  4. Gorgeous <3
    I need this chartreuse green dream!

  5. Really like the promopic of Serena, and love your pictures of the polish too!

  6. aaminahs mom: TD finally figured out to sell them separately?! That is great. When I ordered, only the set was eligable. :/

  7. Så vacker! Den åker med i nästa beställning från TD.

  8. What I wonder is, how does the OPI crackle compare to IsaDora and Depend crackles? As in, is it worth the extra money? If there's not a world of difference, I'd rather buy a few smaller bottles, in different colors, than one bigger bottle of black crackle...

  9. AH THE HYPHENS! This name didn't even need a hyphen!

    The me is nothing special. I know I'm in the minority here! However, it looks really nice under Black Shatter. I just wouldn't wear it on its own.

  10. Oh, please, please compare simply smashing to other lime greens, like nyx sour lime! Pretty please. I am counting on you very very much!

  11. Evy: They're basically the same. However, the OPI one is the cheapest calculated on volume. The Depends are the most expensive!

    zygzag: Working on it. :)

  12. Thank you! I checked your blog and the other one similar is guppy.

    You made me buy both nyx and guppy, you know! You are really evil (and I love you for this)!


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