Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Space in a bottle comparison

The other day I wrote an extensive post on the gorgeous lacquer I got from Andrea, the talented proprietor of Evil Shades Cosmetics, named Rainbow in the Dark. As usual, I'm well prepared - already some time back I made a little comparison wheel, which I now intend to show you!

These are my space polishes:

Lumene Natural Code Cosmic Girl, Icing Blackout, Evil Shades Rainbow in the Dark.

China Glaze Cosmic, Funky Fingers Moonwalk, NYX Girls Frizz Spots.

Please click to enlarge the following pictures!

1. Lumene Cosmic Girl
2. Icing Blackout
3. Evil Shades Rainbow in the Dark
4. China Glaze Cosmic
5. Funky Fingers Moonwalk
6. NYX Girls Frizz Spots

And from another angle.

As you can see, the China Glaze is really gritty, which is something that bothers me. The Funky Fingers isn't much better. And obviously, the NYX Girls is playing in its own division, though I still think of it as space in a bottle. Just imagine combining it with any of the other ones for majestic space results!

I have to say though, due to the smoothness, the Icing and Evil Shades polishes are my favourites out of this bunch. No extra work with a trillion coats of topcoat, and they're both subtle in their expression, just hinting the glitz, just sparkling up in special moments.

I wore Blackout for an entire three day period this spring, when I was away for a party conference, and I managed to make it wear pretty well until I did a touch up the last night... I highly enjoyed it though, but unfortunately it never made it onto the blog since I was in no time or position to take other than blurry iPhone pictures. These polishes are basic enough to wear for more than a night without being tiresome, yet sparkly enough to avoid boredom. Pure love.

And no, I do not have Eyeko's Cosmic polish. Sadly!

Swedish word of the night:
rymd -noun space
Damn it scares me, but also: damn it's intriguing!


  1. The only space in the bottle I knew was a color club one.More of this magic stuff makes me more than happy!
    thanks for swatching!

  2. I noticed that Evil Shades looked smoother too. That's a plus when that gritty feeling gets to you. Well, to me that is. I find myself putting on tons of top coat to smooth it out.

  3. Andrea's is the prettiest. I love how the glitter is so smooth. It really brings out that spacey feeling.

  4. #3 and #6 look true to the bottle. The others give you the impression that there is going to be much more glitter on your nail than it actually does.

  5. I think my pick would be the one from NYX. It looks so good!

  6. I Have to say #6 in this wheel looks amazing!

  7. I have a nfu oh gs 14 that seems identical to theses swatches, I haven't worn it yet but i'll let you know how gritty it is

  8. Great minds think alike. XD I just took pictures of my spacenails polishes yesterday with the intention of posting it at end of week (I'm doing a one-brand week right now).

    And gosh, I wish I had the NYX Girls! It looks so amazing! Ditto on the glitter is China Glaze -- way too much work to get it smooth. :/

  9. Still Eyeko's offering is my fave, but the Icing one looks intriguing...since I always want mooaaarr.... ^^

  10. My first comparison post! *Feels all special*
    I love all of them but like you I do not like bumpy polish, and to have to wear chicklet thick with top coat is just as bad!

  11. shortwidenails: That would be awesome!

    mylittlevanities: I have to check out yours too then! :)


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