Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dreaming of green meadows?

Then, check out Myrza's Meadow from Barielle. One I have to admit I didn't quite like all that much.

I believe this was three coats, and although it did dry surprisingly quick for a polish this shade, it was a bit sheer for a creme base. Now, there is a point to that - when infused by holographic glitter, some jellishness is desired to not totally cover up all that blinginess, but despite the less pigmented formula, the glitter still doesn't surface the way I'd want it to. Look at the sunny photo. Normally, this kind of lighting would make a glitter polish glitz like crazy, but I can only sense a few sparks there. The other glitter particles are left untouched by the sunbeams.

In my world, flowery, green meadows should contain a whole lot more. I'll turn elsewhere for it.

Swedish word of the day:
äng -noun meadow
Here they are covered in snow...


  1. I love this green!! such a special kind.

  2. Jag håller med dig. Har aldrig känt ett behov av det här lacket.

  3. It looks so good in the pictures, but I can understand why you didn't like it in person. Oh well!

  4. Oh, I like that! Very pretty!!

  5. Jag blev väldigt besviken på Myrza's Meadow. Min flaska hade en helunderlig formula som var seg och klistrig och ytan såg knottrig ut. Fick en kommentar om att det påminde om kondomen Näcken. Grönt och knottrigt. :-)

  6. Really unique! Color is great!

  7. I feel the same way about this polish! I was so excited to get it and loooove the green shade, but the fact that the sparkles didn't show off their holographic goodness ruined it for me.

  8. What a great shade. I don' think I've ever seen a green like it. Gorgeous!

  9. Polishing and make-up: Thank you! :)

    Nailtastic: Barielle har ofta hemskt tjock formula. Har nästan för vana nu att ha thinner-flaskan i beredskap när jag ska använda dem första (och sista?) gången. Slängde nog i en fem-sex droppar i den här också, men det är ändå svåra pigment att lacka med i sådana här nyanser.


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