Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Envy Me!

Another one from H&M today, as I read nihrida's post on Envy Me a while back and felt the urge to finally try my own bottle.

Beautiful emerald green shimmer. Not all that unique, but stunningly handsome nontheless. I believe I did two coats.

And for those of you who have no access to H&M polishes, I made a quick comparison to some similar lacquers.

Essence All Access, Envy Me and ULTA Envy.

In the same order. All Access and Envy are very similar to one another, with Envy being just a tad more prone to brush strokes, and Envy Me is rather similar, but has the most coarse shimmer and also a slightly warmer tone. None of mine are duplicates to Envy Me, but there are obviously polishes out there that would fulfill a need for a color in the same range.

Swedish word of the day:
avund -noun envy
I hear it's a deadly sin, but couldn't care less...


  1. I am seriously surprised (and a tad chocked) that you haven't tried this on until now ;-)
    I bought this a good while ago and my second thought (after "Do Want")was "Ali will Love this" ;-D

  2. wow the colour is so intense and gorgeous!


  3. I need to get down to H&M pronto!

  4. Oh yeah! It's a gorgeous one. =) Thank you one more time for sending it to me. :*

  5. Det där är sååå snyggt! love it!

  6. I still haven't used mine :/
    Maybe when it gets cooler around here!Wearing dark colors in this heat.
    But this is gorgeous!

  7. Hm, jag kanske skulle ge denna en till chans...

  8. Rebecca: Oh, you DO know the Ali, but you know, with so much to choose from... And most of all: that darned sun, hiding away from me! I wanted to do this one justice. :)

    nihrida: You're very welcome honey. :*


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