Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In a revolutionary mood

You know, H&M only gets better and better, nail polish wise. They may sometimes be late, but a lot of the time, they're extremely fast and accurate when picking out nail trends. More on this some day soon, but for now, check out their latest release of a khaki green creme, Hunt Me Down.

Two coats, and the formula was fantastic. Extremely pigmented, this polish still wasn't thick, which has previously been characteristic for the H&M cremes. In the dim light I did this manicure in, the first coat looked great. So if you're better than me when it comes to painting, or if you sport nubs, you could get away with one coat only. I have nothing but praise for this one, it was love at first sight. Usually good looks doesn't necessarily mean great content, but this polish is like the love of your life - beautiful all the way to the core!

As I was wearing it, the thought crossed my mind: "Hmm... I wonder how this one compares to that khaki green Chanel...". Of course, I don't own it, so I'm in no position to provide you with a comparison, though, as I was scrolling through my twitter feed just hours later, I noticed that the fantastic Negellakkmani had the same idea - and had done it! Great minds do think alike.

However, I had another new polish that I wanted to try, and Hunt Me Down seemed to be the perfect base for it. Check out my camouflage nails with IsaDora's new All City Brown Graffiti Nails crackle polish.

I know many of you are extemely tired of all the crackles floating around at the moment, but a brown one - I just couldn't resist picking it up. I realised it would be very useful, and except for camo nails, also started imagining layering it over a different brown tone to mimic tree stems - or crackled poo, whatever floats your boat. If I had a grey crackle, I'd layer it on top of this to make it even more camouflage-y!

Certainly suits my extra revolutionary mind these days. Now the Arab world - tomorrow the western world.

Swedish word of the day:
frihet -noun freedom
We deserve it.


  1. Great idea. 2 crackles over a base. Would like to see that.

  2. Gorgeous! :faints: And love the camouflage.

  3. I adore this color!
    But I don't think it goes well with crackle on top of it, it's too gorgeous to be covered with pieces of crackle...

  4. I think this is the best use of crackle polish I have seen. such a great colour combo!

  5. The colour is gorgeous!
    LOL Crackled poo!

  6. Love love love this combo! Looks like alligator skin!

  7. Gorgeous! Can't wait to get it, I've ordered it just a few hours before your post. :) Awesome, with crackle too!

  8. I like Hunt me down. Good shade. I have to be careful not to get too many of all these camo greens that are coming out as I know I will only wear them occasionally and don't need to have 8 of them in my collection. Not a fan of shatters/crackles. Tired of the trend and really ready to see it go way - however your color combo here and application is really nicely done.

  9. Where can I buy the Brown crackle? I have been looking for months now

  10. Kitteh: IsaDora polishes are sold in Scandinavia. If none of the brands available where you live carry any brown crackles, you'll have to try your luck swapping for it!

  11. :( sadness. But thanks so much for the Info! I appreciate it! And I LOVE your nails!


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