Monday, February 14, 2011

OPI Valentine Glitters 2009

Today we're going to have a look at the OPI Valentine Glitters from 2009 and this post is a collaboration between me and Feline since I have the whole collection except for one polish, which Feline happens to own. This collection was a UK and Japan exclusive so it's hard to find but I know that some of these are available on ebay. First up is Love Will Blossom, a peachy pink that some would refer to as a "mom color" packed with multicoloured glitter. I'm not in love with the base color and the glitter is kind of gritty but I still like this.

Next up is I Pink I Love You, a multicoloured glitter in a bright pink jelly base. I'm not a huge fan beacause I did three coats and I still had VNL. I think it's ok though. Some of you soft shade fans might know that OPI has a sheer pink polish that is also named I Pink I Love You, and I have no idea why OPI has made two different polishes with the same name, maybe Suzi was tired that day.


Moving on to Cherry Much In Love, multicoloured glitter in a raspberry pink jelly base. This might be my favourite in the collection. Although the glitter is gritty, I love the in your face color!

Kiss Of Peach is the big disappointment of the collection for me. I thought it would be a pretty glittery peach but it's orange and so unflattering on me. The sun was gone when I took these photos but since i don't like this polish, I didn't want to wear it again...

Be Mine, You're Fine is a multicoloured and pink heart-shaped glitter in a sheer base. The application was a PITA because the heart-shaped glitter just don't want to come out of the bottle. I think the best way to get them out is to use a toothpick. I can not see myself wearing this because I felt silly with pink hearts on my nails. I think my 1-year-old daughter will be a fan in a couple of years though.

Over to Feline's swatches. Heart To Resist over two coats of A England Morgan Le Fay. Heart To Resist is Be Mine, You're Fine's red sister. Red heart-shaped and multicoloured iridescent glitter in a sheer base. It also has red microglitter, as Feline discovered when looking at the close-up below, but that is not visible IRL.

Happy Valentine's day!

Swedish word of the day:
samarbete -noun collaboration
Good to have!


  1. Herpes på flaska kan man nog få rätt bra betalt för i vissa kretsar!

  2. Cherry Much In Love is really pretty! The rest are kinda meh..

  3. Cherry much in love is gorgeous!
    I loved Féline's mani with the red hearts <3

  4. Very pretty!

    Thank You for reminding me how pretty these are! :)

  5. it was not exclusive my dear, we in Swtzerland could get it. but since these collections are left for the distributor to choose if they want it in their country or not, sometimes they're not av everywhere :)

  6. Lola Bernhard: It was released exclusively for the UK market, however, still available for retail order from the general stock in The Netherlands, which is why it was also available in some other European countries. Also, compared to the Asia and US markets, Europe is a rather small one, so they are exclusives indeed.


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