Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Requested comparisons

zygzag wanted to know how the Serena Williams OPI Simply Smash-ing compares to some other lime greens. Here's how:

Closest (and the only one close, really) in my stash is Guppy 50.

Here we have, in the shade, the Guppy in the middle and the OPI to the right - the one to the left is NYX Girls Sour Lime, which zygzag also requested to have close.

And here they are in the sun:

The super cheap Guppy is definitely compeating in the same league, but they're not that close. The Guppy has smaller particles and a cooler tone.

Ulmiel asked how close Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray is to Depend 170. Here's the answer:

With the addition of MAC Blue India.

In the shade...

...and in sunlight. They are all different enough for a lover of washed out blues!

Comparison requests are always welcome. Just drop a line in the comments or via email, and we'll try our best!

Swedish expression of the day:
sida vid sida side by side
We should all stand!


  1. I wonder how Blue India compares to American Apparel, Peacock

  2. Thank you very much for the great comparison! You are great!

    Can I have 1 more question? Did you try layering simply smashing on other greens? Can this polish be used for layering? Guppy is too opaque, but if opi is sheer enough it may be great for changing greens.

    Also let me recommend a colorru you will love, it is piggy polish green and bear it. Get it if you don't have it (I got mine through a mua swap). It is a glass flecked super sparky more grass green version of Nyx sour lime. It is spectacular over zoya ivanka.

  3. Danielle: They aren't that close, really, so if you're debating whether to get one of them or not, you're safe owning both. :)

    zygzag: I'll try my best - though no sun in Sweden at the moment, so it will have to wait for a little while!

  4. I love grayed-out blues! Thank you for the swatches!

  5. Oh wow, I just saw this was done on my request, I have no idea how I missed my name up there. :S I love the comparison from before, so thank you! I'd love to have all three of them, hehe. At least 170 is mine. :)


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