Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alias: Ali

I just can't live with myself if I don't bombard you with all of my lousy wit! And yes, it's true, there are people who call me Ali, since the internet alias Alizarine has been with me for many many years now. Though, the alias in this post is Alias from Color Club's new collection Alter Ego.

All of these photos aren't that good, but I hope you somewhat get the idea. Foil like shimmer in a dark charcoal leaning purple base. Not just any shimmer though. It's duochrome. You know by now how happy that makes the Feline. Magenta purple turns a sort of greenish antique gold. Oh how I love these!

Some additional photos to show you what I mean:

It's not a super strong duochrome, but it's there, and it's visible. And most of all, it's very, very nice. It reminds me of one of my all time favourites, the OPI classic Black Tie Optional - but still very different, for sure.

However, my new darling is not entirely problem free. This is three very generous coats, due to a thin, watery, sheer formula. I found it a bit annoying, but sure, it's manageable, and I didn't wind up with any bubbles despite my generousity. It dries reasonably fast too, so as long as you have the patience for coating, you should be okay. And yes, you should be! Without even having tried out the other newly released Color Club polishes I got simultaneously, I do dare say that if you're thinking of getting only one from this collection, let it be this one. Provided you're as into purple shimmers as I am, of course. And you are, right?

Swedish word of the day:
smeknamn -noun nickname
Loved ones have many.


  1. Wow, I really really like this colour!

  2. wow, gorgeous...simply beautiful. Great photos!

  3. This is the only one from this collection that I find interesting! NEEEEEED! :D

  4. Gor-geous, the duochrome makes it so unique, love that! =)

  5. This is so nice.
    I love purple green duochromes!

  6. Den ligger här hemma och väntar men duokromatiska lack behöver lite nagel att få spela ut på så jag sparar den tills naglarna blivit lite längre igen...

  7. Want! Purple shimmer, duochrome, can it get any better?

  8. ORLY Space Cadet and Out of This World had a baby? ^^


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