Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Hit?

You know, I received so many nice polishes from my Brazilian friend Sarah, and this is another one of them. 679 from Hits.

Two coats. Most of the time it looks like a grey creme, but it does have a slight teal green tinge. More than that, it has very subtle, but gorgeous, shimmer, of what I can tell are pale blue and pink flecks. You can tell it's there in the closeup photo above. I wish the shimmer was more prominent, but sometimes I do get off on wearing finishes only I can tell what they really are.

The formulas of most of the Brazilian lacquers I have tried are fantastic, this one being no exception. I'm betting on these babies being filled with lovely toxins, and Sarah tells me that is true. Sometimes those laws get in between us and the perfect results we want!

Swedish expression of the day:
i mörkret är alla katter grå in darkness, all cats are grey
Even this shady Feline.


  1. This is so pretty on your nails! I own this one too!
    I've swatched not too long ago!
    The Hits formula is great! But they're not 3-free...

    Your photos are the best!

  2. What a gorgeous color! I love grey polishes and this is a great one (:

  3. Interesting color, very cool!

  4. Hey Sweetie!

    I hope the flecks show better in the sun!
    There is a similar dark blue version of this as well, but I didn't pick it up because I know you can be picky about blues ;)

  5. Beautiful color!
    I love polishes with chemically goodness...they work so gewd. :3

    I also love that expression...I actually have only a teeny idea about what it means, but it sounds so like...deep. Like something some ancient man in a mountain would say. I'm gonna use it sometime.

  6. Awesome color and great shape of nails..

  7. Sarah B.: You did well honey. ;) You made an excellent selection for me, and you don't have to worry about picking out the wrong colors! You know I luuurved all of it and your grand generosity! <3

    ChaosButterfly: Yeah, I'm thinking of growing a long, white beard and have yellow pointy nails, walk around with a cane and saying only "in darkness, all cats are grey"!


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