Wednesday, March 16, 2011


...or was it? This is just that, Hypnotizing from Jordana. A somewhat squishy red leaning purple creme. The thing is, I don't remember if this is what it looked like - all I remember is I had a terribly hard time photographing it accurately. It looked all weird in my cam display, and it annoyed the me to no end, but maybe the end result isnät that far off..? You tell me.

I believe I did three coats of this one. It was quite a while ago I wore it. This aside, I'm fairly sure I liked wearing it. You just can't go wrong with these types of color, especially on shorter nails. And my impression of the Jordana brand is a positive one, it's cheap and it works like a charm.

Swedish word of the day:
mjölkpaket -noun milk carton


  1. Yeah my camera does that too with purples, bugs me so much.

  2. i love how long your nails are! they look so PERFECT! :)

  3. great polish! but purples are really pain in the ass, at least when it's comes to photos :-/


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