Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovie 46

The other week my daughter and I had the cutest package from our beloved friend Lina of I Karusellens Öga (go check her eyemakeup out!). Not only did it contain two absolutely lovely crocheted dolls that Lina had been working on (she's wicked with this stuff too!), instantly cherished by the daughter and also her companions for the routine sugery she had the other day, but in addition a bunch of sweet polishes for her mom. One of them I just couldn't wait to try out. It's from a Greek brand called Lovie, and has been given the alluring name 46.

This is two coats of the Lovie polish over China Glaze's Recycle. I realised it would be quite the traumatic experience to build up by itself due to its sheer qualities, so this is how I did it. Which turned out to be essential, since it took quite some time to dry, despite the use of my trusted Diamont topcoat. But damn was it worth the wait! I love coarse metallic polishes like this one, shiny but still with lots of texture. The liquid product looked like grainy lead!

Too bad there was no sun out at the time I was wearing it, but I still was happy doing so. If you are as big a fan of these polishes as I am, and if you can get ahold of it, get it. In Sweden, I believe these can be found at some Rusta stores. As they say: happy hunting!

Swedish word of the day:
bly -noun lead
Metal for metal people.


  1. That is gorgeous. Never heard of the brand. Will go ebay-hunting...


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