Thursday, April 14, 2011

All the Magic

It's magic, the way I seem to get sick all the time these days - this is my sixth (!) common cold virus in two months! This means my brains ain't working right, so we'll see what happens to this post... anyway, it is Magic, from OPI's DS line.

Three coats, still not all that opaque in places. However, these photos are useless since they don't show the pink (relatively weak) duochrome. Since this makes me mad, I took out my biggie cam (the DSLR), and it seems it's somewhat better at picking up some frequencies:

The photo is horrible, though. This is because I do not have a decent macro lens for this one. I'm thinking this will be the first thing I buy when (if) I get a decent pay check sometime this year. This photo has also been slightly color corrected to enhance what's there in reality.

Apparently this one is a dupe to one of the polishes in Orly's Cosmic FX collection, I'm guessing Lunar Eclipse. I was among the peeps who were pissed off by the pricetags of the Cosmic FX polishes, and as it became clear that pretty much every single one of those polishes had dupes or near dupes among the lines of other brands, I did opt for those. The OPI DS polishes are still cheaper than the Cosmic FXs, and some of the colors' dupes were by brands much cheaper. Or with earlier release dates. So, I guess Orly misread the market at the time, and ended up looking somewhat foolish, at least in my opinion, and therefore came up short when it came down to business.

The reason for my preference in this case can also be spelled Pro-Wide. I like the OPI brush, and even though OPI generally has opacity issues, the formula is great, and I prefer it over the properies of Orly polishes. This shit came on flawlessly.

So, for a fan of spactcular blue polishes, a big yea for this one.

Swedish word of the day:
slemhinnor -noun pl. mucous membranes
Mina are fucked up!


  1. This is beautiful! I skipped most DSs and Cosmic FX, this one included, but this post makes me wanna go back and get some.

    And I agree so much about Orly...if I were them, I would have been so embarrassed that every polish in the collection had a dupe. often does that happen?!

  2. Wow vilken stark blå färg! Fantisktiskt snygg. Me like! :D

  3. I was only just getting interested in nail polish when the Cosmic FX collection was released, so I bought all of them - for Swedish prices! *is appalled* Still love the colors though, and won't mind buying the dupes either, so it's all good :D
    I know what you mean about getting sick all the time - I've been pretty much constantly ill the last month, with two finals, a project to hand in and a mid-term exam, plus a med school application exam, and another (the Big, Important, Karolinska Institutet one) med school application exam on Saturday... And my fever's just returned O.O

  4. So pretty <3
    I have Lunar Eclipse but never wore it for real :/

  5. Wonderful. I have only Lunar Eclipse and I think they could be the same :)

  6. Ohmygosh, that is a beautiful color <3 And it does look like Lunar Eclipse, I had no idea! :)



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