Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the flaky manicure: flakies

Here's a bunch of Nfu Oh flakie manicures I've been gathering over ... the last year or so, perhaps. You know, sometimes you're in a flakie mood (or maybe even in a flaky mood), and dang those flakies on every manicure you manage for a couple of weeks or so, or, you just feel that this manicure is missing something - and that's when those trusty flakies are nice to have at hand.

Unfortunately, flakies are sometimes really, really difficult to render nice photos from, but these are pretty enough. Just picture them even prettier in reality.

Mmm. Purple shimmer with fire!

I wish I remembered what base this was, but I don't. All I know is the fire on top is my perhaps very favourite Nfu Oh flakie: number 60.

Green-aqua-blue flakies over green jelly. Jellies like these always come out wonky in photos, color wise, but trust me, this was good in person. Imagine the green jelly a bit deeper, and much less washed out. Generally, flakies over jellies are super cool, especially if the jelly is a glitter. It creates the most amazing effects!

The next manicure gets the honourary spot in this post, with three photos, because it's what I'm wearing today. It's a gazillion times better as I am looking down on my actual nails. And please ignore the shrinkage at the edges. It's been repaired with a light touch up since these photos were taken. Sorry about my sloppyness.

The differences in color is way more obvious in reality. The green is very green, and the blue is very blue, of an aquamarine type hue. The base, Nubar's Passionate Purple, is stunning on it's own, but very blurple. Blurple base, with both blue and pink shimmer and microglitter, but the blue is more prominent. However, you can tell the pink is there in the blurry parts of the sunny photo. Luscious.

Swedish word of the day:
isflak -noun ice floe
They're slowly disappearing...


  1. Gorgeous! Flakies are serious nail win! I love the last combination, it looks stunning on you!

    Flakies are my favourite kind of topping for nails; they can save any boring colour! LOL I have to restrain myself from posting them all the time , I think it's a great idea to hoard a few combinations together in one post and make it that more flakie! :)

  2. Åh jag är förälskad! Fantastiskt snygga! :)

  3. Love flakies!! Most of all,I like them over a black (or dark) polish :)

  4. I love these pictures, they're so pretty! I need to have some Nfu Oh's.

  5. So pretty!
    I haven't used a flakie in a while.

  6. Awesome, awesome, and awesome!

  7. The first combo reminds me of a xmas OPI, very pretty <3
    The last one looks just like a polish that was just released here. So many flakies being released at the same time, about 26 of them...no kidding!

  8. I agree with Sarah B, the first one looks a lot like OPI's Merry Midnight (one of my fave polishes ever)!

  9. *drool* i loooove flakies. i tried to pick a favorite, but i couldn't!

  10. Awesome flakies! Makes me wonder why I don't have any! Haha. Thanks for sharing yours with us! Love them all!


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