Friday, April 29, 2011

Misas - classic embroidery

Do you remember this one? Embroidered Emerald. Of course, these days we have Galaxy Girl from Orly, which is even better, but in the same vein, this one was all I could get back then.

It's so cool... But so patchy. This is three coats, and I gave up before the fourth. I had see through spots and even slightly bald ones. The shimmer distributes nice and evenly, but the plum base doesn't want to play nice, at least not with my nails. Still - cool.

Swedish word of the day:
blåmärke -noun bruise
These, our favourite ones...


  1. It's pretty, but I think I like Galaxy Girl better. Your nails are looking so nice!

  2. Thankfully I got Galaxy Girl. I used to really want this polish.

  3. Jag hade den men bytte bort den. Gillade aldrig rödtonen i det lila.

  4. I have galaxy Girl but I absolutely LOVE this one. Somehow the more subtle shimmer makes it more pretty to my eyes.

  5. Wow, that is one unique color :)



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