Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Misas - Do you like it like this?

Here's yet another green, impossible to capture. Like It Like That from Misa's recent fall collection.

Three coats. Yes, this really was the best I could do! Imagine it being more green. But what kind of finish is this? Pearl? Frost? Metallic? I'm not sure. I blame my lack of firmness on my post fever stress syndrome, which, among other things, earlier today made me forget my wallet somewhere in the midst of my record collection - this didn't become evident to me before I was already down at the bank. I think my brain has finally escaped through my nose.

So, again, perhaps not my favourite finish, but the color is kind of cool. If you feel like walking around with shiny, glowy green nails for a day or so, this could be the way to go. I'm undecided, so I'll leave it up to you guys.

Swedish word of the day:
glömsk -adjective forgetful
I guess I am...


  1. It's the finish that spoils it for me. It ought to be a lovely polish but somehow it fails although I can't explain why.

    What's the Swedish word for "can't think of the right word"?

  2. I love new Misa color, altough they are pretty sheer. I loved the yellow one from the other day best, but it could use another coat.

    The finish is meh.

  3. It looks metallic to me and you know green + metallic = love for me!

  4. WOW!! This one looks amazing ♥

  5. Jag älskade verkligen detta! Men håller med om att finishen var lite svår att bestämma. Oavsett finish så är det såå vackert! :-)

  6. You have perfect nails, so metallics like this one are super-fine, second picture looks like you applied fake nails, and that's a compliment!

  7. Gorgeous color!
    I love it!

    I'm a little like you... I keep forgeting everything.. it's awful! =/



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