Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nail anatomy visible

And now some medical stuff.

This is a really thick book by some guy and some other guys. Highly praised as one of the most essential reference works for medicine studies, it's pretty much obligatory to own for any medical doctor. I keep it in my book shelf along with my biology and psychiatry books. Just in case.

However, this is a nail polish blog. So here's the real Gray's Anatomy! I got it from my dear friend Teresa.

This is four coats and it is still rather sheer. Also very streaky. But I don't mind, since it's supposed to be a pretty much dead on dupe for a Lippmann polish I've been wanting for quite some time. Look at the duochrome:

Waaay! The famous pink-green oil slick duochrome in a lightly tinted grey base.

I did try layering this one on top of a black creme, but it turned out so heinous that I'll spare you the trauma of witnessing it. Though, I feel that since I'm not entirely happy with the sheerness, I'll try it over a few other base colors as well. Maybe I'll post it some time.

Since this Wet n Wild polish is, from what I understand, part of a collection where all names allude on popular tv series, I assume the people naming them thought they did the clever play on Grey's Anatomy - which is of course originally a name play on the book pictured on top of this post. So I guess the circle is now closed. Though I really do wonder if the cosmetics people are aware.

Swedish word of the day:
facklitteratur -noun technical literature
We all need it from time to time.


  1. Unusual, but overall I actually like it! It's too bad it's still sheer after four coats, maybe a light grey base would do the trick? :)

  2. Oooh, I would love medical related posts! Alas, I'm sure I'm the only one and this is after all a nail blog. I can forgive its sheerness for the awesome duochrome! To think I still haven't worn mine yet. Not like I could anyway, cause of my lame ass job. But I digress...

  3. Beautiful color! I love the swatches you make. :-)

  4. I have done this one over China Glaze Pelican Grey and OPI Sand in my Suit - it looked really great both ways but the nude base really made the duochrome stand out. Awesome color!

  5. I just took this off, haha I like its so pretty but so sheer. :)

  6. i saw all the swatches and the names cracked me up! my favorite name (and the show i like the most) was Buffy the violet slayer. haha :)

  7. This is very nice !
    But I think the green in this is even more visible than in Wicked Game!

  8. As for the Grey/Gray play on words... in Australia (where I am) and I think the UK and Europe, we spell the colour as 'grey' not 'gray'. So by keeping it as 'Grey's anatomy' like the show it would make sense to us over here. But by making it Gray (which keeps it related to the book) it's kinda wrong to my eye. haha anyway. the circle is complete as you say :)

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