Tuesday, May 24, 2011

City greyness

What better to post on a grey day than a grey polish? This is City Khaki from IsaDora.

Grey creme base with two types of shimmer - light and dark. Like concrete. Cool, indeed. Reminds a bit of the classic BB Couture Opposites Attract, but I think I actually like this one even better.

Very moderate sun the day I took these photos. The top one is in "evening sun", meaning a teeny ray slipping through the massive clouds. This is two coats. As usual with modern IsaDora polishes, the pigmentation and application is great, the wear... Not as great, but definitely defendable.

However, I also used this one for layering. Remember those sheer glassfleck Viva La Diva summer polishes? This is two coats of Amnesia over City Khaki.

Doesn't it look a whole lot better than it did alone? Swimming pool water over grey sand. Or perhaps cement.

Swedish word of the day:
syrén -noun lilac
I have an entire hedge blooming outside my window.


  1. The Amnesia layering is gorgeous!

  2. City Khaki looks perfect, the shimmer is obviously not so visible but still cute. Viva la Diva sadly ruins the manicure for me - not a fan of light blue...


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