Thursday, May 5, 2011

Depend Summer 2011 - bottles and quick swatch

You wanna know the truth? I'm broke. I'm so damn broke I can't afford to buy polish. So, you can only guess how happy I was to finally have some polish in the mail today - the new Depend colors for summer! Here are some lousy bottle photos and a sloppy wheel swatch to get your juices going. No sun today. Sorry.

Some similar shimmers - 251, 243, 242.

Two jellies - 248 and 244, and the repromoted 122.

Some blues - 252, 247, 246.

Some cremes - 250, 245, 249.

And here's the wheel. This time, the colors are in number order. Confusing, huh? You may want to magnify this photo.

All are two coats except 252 which is somewhat sheer and really needed a third. It's a rather nice jellyish bright medium blue packed with glassfleck shimmer. One of my favourites.

The repromoted 122 is a typical hot pink with blue sheen. I like this type of pink, and despite what I suspect to be a worrysome formula I'm definitely going to wear this, even though you'll probably be able to find one among the core line of your favourite brand.

Depend are never late to jump on any bandwagon, and I believe the OPI "sorbet" jellies launched recently inspired them to throw in a couple. Though with much more ladylike coloration. 244 is a salmon pink, and 248 is a slightly muted, pastel sort of, apricot. Since they are swatched on white plastic they look a little bit off, but these are nice sheer colors for the people who like classics and office appropriate. I would never wear them myself, so I'll be handing them over to a friend.

My favourite picks among these are, except for 252, the bright, cool toned green 249, the silver packed dusty purple 243, and the blue metallic 247. The first color to come to mind upon the first glance at 249 was China Glazes Four Leaf Clover, but after a comparison I've established that the Depend is less bright, and about two steps darker. I love it.

I usually don't care much for pastels, but I really like the pale, dove blue, silver packed 251. I've always imagined myself wearing an Empire style dress this color, would I ever get married.

Personally, I like the Depend formula, and most of these are well pigmented and behave nicely. The trouble child is the re-released 122, which is kind of gluey, but I'll try to manage it anyways out of pure stubbornness. As always, Depend put out collections with all colors of the rainbow, this time the emphasis seems to be on blue hues. Surprisingly little pink and purple. Overall, I think it's a nice collection with a little something for everyone thrown in.

These will be available in Swedish stores next week or so, and probably about the same time in the rest of Scandinavia. Outside Scandinavia? Swapping is the way to go.

Any you'd like to see full swatches of?

Swedish expression of the day:
gott och blandat a little bit of everything
gott -adjective I good II delicious
blandning -noun mix
Pretty self-explanatory.


  1. 243 and 249 for me. Wish I could get this brand in England....

  2. 245, 243, 251! Such an interesting mix of colors.

  3. Oh precis i tid då jag hade önskat mig en ljus mint och ljus blå färg. Så kommmer med 100% köpa 245 och 251. Riktigt snygga lack! :)

  4. 245 och 250 ser fina ut. Nu är jag ju ingen Depend-fan egentligen men färgerna ser fina ut

  5. Hey girl, I'm B-ROKE too, so I totally understand! My car died yesterday and it's the only one my hubby and I have. Looks like the no-buy is going to go on forever! :(

    Thanks for showing us the pretties - maybe we can swap sometime and help ourselves get over our no-polish blues! :)

  6. 242 ser jättefin ut! den hade det varit roligt att se en hel swatch av :)

  7. Thanks for all of the swatches!! I really like that coral color!

  8. Den tangerinefärgade ser söt ut, ja flera andra också. Jag vill också få depend på posten, vore perfekt just nu för jag är också rätt utan pengar men det beror ju på att jag köpt nagellack... :D


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