Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hermosa Surfer Girl

More BB Couture! This is Hermosa Surfer Girl, a raspberry jelly with multicolored glitter (the green glitter stands out). The bottle says apply two coats, but since this one is quite sheer it definitely needs at least 3 coats IMO.

Swedish word of the day:
väderomslag -noun change of weather
Because spring is gone and it's cold again =(


  1. My favorite pink! I LOVE it!

  2. Det är sååå fint! Kanske får testa det snart igen.

  3. Har gluttat på denna länge.. så vacker!

  4. I got this in an eagerly-awaited package yesterday and am wearing it now! I absolutely love it, and it looks fantastic on you :D

  5. Thanks, It was love at first sight when I got it a couple of years ago!


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