Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kamikaze-ing right into spring

Can you believe it - spring has sprung in Stockholm! For a while I thought it would never happen again, but boom! There it was. Almost sent right into summer. Out with the cheerful! I picked Kamikaze from BB Couture.

Three coats. Not as difficult drying time wise as I would have believed! I did it n a hurry and got no dents once out the door. The photos are far from perfect, but you can sense the sparse green and yellow glitter, right? It's absolutely gorgeous. Definitely one of the famous BB Couture greens worth owning.

Oh, and after these photos were shot, I chopped off those talons. Got work shifts in the nursing home coming up this weekend. So, the next manicure you see from me will be nubbinized.

Swedish word of the day:
hugga -verb chop
Chop, chop...


  1. Cool color, this definitely isn't one I see a lot. Definitely fun and bright for spring. Nice post


  2. i love this colour, it's amazing :-D

  3. I absolutley LOVE this color! Im jealous how long your nails are :)

  4. Your nails are looking so pretty! Sometimes I feel like filing mine off and making them shorter, but I feel strange with shorter nails :/

    Real pretty green! The weather has jumped to winter here, I can finally stop sweating!

  5. BB Couture är verkligen bäst på gröna lack. Älskar deras unika varianter av grönt. :)

  6. Snyggt lack och vackra naglar. Synd att de måste kortas in men jag förstår att arbete kommer före nagellängd.

  7. Sarah B.: You have gorgeous nails, and as long as they're not cracking you should keep them. :)

    Sminkan: Det är inte direkt så jag känner, men pekfingernageln gick av jävligt högt upp, så det var lika bra att få det gjort. ;)


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