Friday, May 20, 2011

Matte-rimoany - Fuck Off and Dye!

(Playfully) offensive post title for (playfully) offensive polishes! Yes, as you all know by now, ManGlaze has released two new colors - one pink and one blue - just as matte as always. Check out Fuck Off and Dye and Royal Matte-rimoaning.

And the mandatory topcoated shot:

Two coats. Warmer leaning hot pink matte with shimmer.

Two coats. Royal, Prussian blue matte shimmer.

I'm as happy as ever to report that ManGlaze are still consistent in formula and application. Those of you who like the previous colors won't be disappointed. Two coats gives all the opacity you need. The only thing new about these are the colors - which is exactly the way it should be within a brand.

I've been wanting a blue from ManGlaze for a long time, and finally it's here! The only downside is that our favourite brand proprietor Marc Paez wouldn't name it after my suggestion: Space Ace. I mean... This is totally suitable for one of the most heroic polish wearing men I know of, Ace Frehley, the former Kiss guitar hero. Well, apart from that, it's just awesomeness.

Being the kind of person that's slightly reluctant to pink shades, I'm also glad to say I like Fuck Off and Dye. And here the name is just total splendor. The shade is pulling a little towards the warmer side, and perhaps I would have liked it even more if it was cooler in tone, but I think this one is nice, and I'll wear it for sure. Heck, I'll even paint the nails of my significant other with it!

As always, it is a great pleasure to try out ManGlaze products, and I assure you, you won't be disappointed either.

Swedish expression of the day:
dra åt helvete fuck off
dra -verb pull
åt -preposition towards
helvete -noun hell
Might come handy at some point.


  1. Ok, I may actually need both of these and yes, I'd be getting the pink for the name. :) Wow!

  2. Woho! I'm glad to see some more polishes from Manglaze. I'm also very sad that I don't own them yet. The blue one is very desirable to me, but of course I'll get the pink one too!

  3. I'm totally getting these! Thanks for showcasing them.

  4. WHOA! With the topcoat over them they sparkle like none other!

  5. I love fuck off and dye!!! so pretty!!

  6. I love/need both! ManGlaze always knocks me sideways with the awesome mattes!
    P.S. my Swedish is progressing nicely though I think the curse words are the majority! lol

  7. I'm not a pink-kinda girl so the first one is out for me, but I love the blue. I may even love it a little more with the topcoat.

  8. Ja, de är ju jäkligt snygga, det är de!

  9. Just beautiful colors! Especially this dark blue!

  10. Wow!!! I did not know this brand! I love it!

  11. I need some ManGlaze like yesterday. I especially want fuck off and dye! ;) I love it! ;)

  12. I'm not a pink fan either generally but there's something about Fuck Off and Dye (besides the name :P) that is appealing. The blue is quite pretty as well though it does remind me of OPI's Russian Navy suede. Maybe this is a little brighter?

  13. The blue color is so gorgeous!
    Really like the shimmer in both with the top coat!

  14. Haha pull towards hell.. Det blir så bra när man direktöversätter saker från svenska till engelska!

    /carro -

  15. Damn, I want the pink one :/

  16. I love how Man Glaze's mattes look almost holo when worn with a topcoat :)
    Still want that white one.


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