Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, Catherine...

I'm still doing some vampier colors, and also, I'm still adjusting to my new computer - meaning not only updating my routines using the keyboard in an operating system I haven't used in well over ten years, but also doing so in a newer version of Photoshop. I'm still learning, so bear with me while I'm exploring. The images might not look the same. Anyways, here's a previous RBL - Catherine, from The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty.

I did three coats. First I stopped after the second, but I wasn't happy with the result, so... Yes, you know me. Muted dark purple with tons of multicolored shimmer. How is this not beautiful?! You tell me.

To add to all my new routines, I experimented with a new type of watermarking in the top two photos. I'm not sure about it, so I used my previous style in the last two. Which watermarking type do you prefer to see?

Swedish word of the day:
tårta -noun cake
I've had too much today.


  1. My favorite from this collection is Anne but it´s not long ago I wore Catherine and I have to say it was amazing!! I loved it.

  2. I wanted this polish from RBL, along with Anne, but I can not justify $18US for 1 bottle of polish.

    And I like the smaller water mark :)

  3. beautiful color, I love not too bright purples, this one is really murky and sooo elegant!

  4. Men jisses så snyggt du målar jämt :)
    Kan du inte dela med dig av hur du gör för att få så där snygga o jämna kanter utan kladd.
    Tack på förhand!

  5. Gorgeous! I've got this coming to me any day now in a swap!! SOOO excited!

  6. I didn't like this one that much, but it looks really pretty on you.
    And I like the new one looks cool!

  7. purteeh, but my fave will always be the first Ann ;)

  8. Colour is gorgeous, it's pretty useless to say that, I think :D

    I prefer (and use) a bigger watermark instead of a cloud of tiny ones, because they can mess an image, especially in lighter areas (watermarks are faded...); the bigger one, the obeserver knows "where" it's placed, so he doesn't confuse it with any part of the picture...
    Hope I've explained it clearly :D

  9. Sophia & Smaltoitaliano: Two different opinions! I tend to prefer the bigger watermarking too, though. I agree with Smaltoitaliano that the smaller stuff is interfering too much. It's just too difficult to place it so that none of the text parts cover some important detail in the larger picture. I think I'll stick to my old style. :) Thanks for the imput!

  10. Dina bilder är alltid fantastiska!

  11. Det är ju en sån underbar färg!

  12. I prefer your old style, but this input is probably useless since you posted this 2 weeks ago. >.<


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