Friday, May 6, 2011

Opposites do attract?

Cammi and I collectively decided to show you some of our BB Coutures for a few days. While Cammi has been doing her part patiently, I've had some trouble getting started. May I blame this on the weather? Some of you may recall that I blatantly announced spring to be around in Stockholm, but you know what...? I take the entire blame for bringing that misbehavin' April weather back. It was all my fault. Anyway, as I told you in that fatal post, I have been nubbinized. I'm sticking with appropriate colors for a while. First one up from me is the classic Opposites Attract.

Medium grey with irregular shimmer flecks and sparse black microglitter. Two coats are sufficient for nubbins. A more interesting grey than your standard creme, for sure. I like it. But it's... grey. A nice grey.

And a bonus, or maybe not: the poor Belle Starr, who was unfortunate to never see the sun.

This was the best I could do under the circumstances. I believe I did two coats. This one is very pigmented and nicely formulated, perhaps a little too well pigmented, because that cute, subtle shimmer I can see in the bottle just isn't there on the nail. At least not without a ray of sun on it. Nor in strong lamp light. Hmm.

Swedish word of the day:
trög -adjective slow
Honestly, sometimes I am.

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