Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soaked in Purple

Been color correcting like a madman in Photoshop for Mac - what a difference! Though, I wonder what it looks like on your screens... Also I might have gone overboard with it and corrected it too much, so that it's now on the other side of incorrect. Hmm. It looked great in Photoshop, but when saving the web jpg, it turned more blue... All Mac freaks are welcome with tips and tricks!

Anyway, the color that usually needs this kind of treatment is - tadaa! Purple. Apparently, I'm Soaked in Purple, by H&M - soaked in hard-to-capture purple.

Two coats. Pigmented and thick, this one went on fairly okay, but did not allow thinner coats, which rendered some bubbles. A nice, thick coat of Diamont solved that issue though. However, I would definitely add a few drops of thinner to this bottle.

At first glance, in the store, I didn't think much of it, and ended up not getting it. Then I took my precious dad out for a little shopping trip, and kind of accidently placed this bottle among our things at the register... Waited a few weeks to use it, but now once it's on, I'm loving it. I thought it would be too red, too bright, but it just looks awesome. Medium red-toned purple. If I'd describe it in Swedish, I'd use the word purpur, as our definition of purpur (which translates directly to purple) is a whole lot narrower than it is among English speaking people.

Swedish word of the day:
Purpurfärgen -noun The Color Purple

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  1. Jag hade liknande problem på min PC, att det såg bra ut i PS men inte när jag sparade jpg-filen. Jag tror det hade något att göra med att Windows inte använde samma färgprofil som PS, eller bilden.. eller hur det nu var.. =) Lacket ser fint ut, men jag ingen aning om det ser för blått ut eller inte.


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