Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday I posted about Uninhibited from LA Girl. I also happened to mention the endless frankening possibilities, and yes, I made one pretty much immediately. As opposed to the since Deborah Lippmann's release of Ruby Red Slippers very popular red glitter in black jelly polishes, I made a red jelly with black glitter. I have been dreaming about it. The ultimate morbid vampy red. Here's my baby - Angina.

Three coats - it is a jelly. You can tell by the way it appears so differently in sun and shade. Most of the time, now that I look down on my nails as I write, it's a vampy, dark red, like in the third picture, or even darker. Umm, yes, I'd say it appears a lot darker most of the time, just like its red component shade.

Let's have an additional photo, just because.

The recipe is easy. It's about one third each of the following: Uninhibited, China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling, and clear. However, I suggest you don't do what I did, and that's using a fast drying topcoat for the clear part, because it will quickly become thick and stringy - even if you use the bad Diamont formula, which I did. Also, if you prefer less jellishness, you can just cut out the clear part, since Uninhibited has a clear base.

What do you think of my little ghoulish girl? While I was working on it, I thought it resembled the typical Swedish dessert compote made from blueberries and raspberries, called drottningkräm, so I called her that for a while. It rather soon became obvious she should have a medical name, preferably close to the heart region. Angina [pectoris] sounds girly, but is really a type of heart malfunction due to arterial obstruction, which causes chest pain. How suitable for my evil girl. Though for a while, I thought of just calling her Evil Ladybug. But it just wasn't as fun.

For the first time ever in my life, I'm wearing matching mani and pedi - I needed Angina everywhere! I love vampy pedis, so the choice was obvious. Summer is here, and I wear open toes or flipflops all the time, so I needed something more intriguing than a straight creme pedi. But I wanted to show off Angina on my finger nails as well, so matching it is, at least for a few days. And here is the pedi picture, complete with excessive cuticle oil and flash light. Don't fret, it won't bite!

Not that I want to allure foot fetishists here, but I actually like my feet. They're better than most parts of my body. I know a lot of people hate feet, so I guess that's bad news for me - people fearing my most treasured body parts! But hey, that's life.

Swedish word of the day:
kärlkramp -noun common name for angina pectoris
It might happen as you get older. Watch out for yourselves!


  1. I am in love. Total head over heels love. Perfect name as well :)

  2. This. Is. Gorgeous. I need a polish like this ASAP!!

  3. love this!!! I'd pay $20-25 for it tbh, better than any chanel :D

  4. oeh sexy foot ;) lovely color!!

  5. Whoa this is sweet! It's sophisticated and edgy :)

  6. I really like it a lot! I will have to try my hand at making this franken. :)

  7. Love it. I've got my own red with black glitter franken but I love the multiple sizes in this one. Beautiful!

  8. I am head over heals about this one...and I have the DL one...I have to try to play about with frankening that one. Love this for your toes! Thanks many times over!


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