Saturday, June 4, 2011


A quick post about a new favourite in my collection, Zoya Faye from the Sunshine Collection. Zoya description of Faye is: a bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones flooded with bright gold sparkle. I knew I would love Faye just by looking at the promo pictures a long time ago and I was not disappointed. This is three coats:

From what I understand, OPI Rally Pretty Pink is a dupe!

Swedish word of the day:
magisk -adjective magical
Because Faye is!


  1. I love this color! I almost bought Faye and a couple weeks later, I had to buy OPI's Rally Me Pink in a set with Red Shatter so I'm glad I didn't have to double up!

  2. I love Faye so much. My Rally Pretty Pink is not a dupe but I did get it at a dusty so it could have been altered. O.o

  3. I love this shade, it's been in my WL since it was released!

  4. Så sjukt vackert! Måste köpa detta! Måste!

  5. Oh great, now I can take one of them off my wishlist :) Love the color, just have to decide if I like Zoya or OPI better..

  6. I got both RPP and Faye yesterday. And yep, they are virtually identical. But I like RPP better, since it's got great coverage.

    Faye is perhaps a little more purplish than RPP but they look the same in the end.

  7. Sarah B - Good to know!
    Anne - Svårt det där, nästan så att tillgängligheten avgör!
    Nailtastic - Ja, inomhus får det dessutom en kopparfärg som lite extra bonus.
    ritterbraten - Mine too!
    Evil Angel - Really? That's strange but at least you didn't end up with dupes =)
    Yasmin - I might have get Rally Pretty Pink just to get the red shatter


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