Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Magic hissing

Another one for those of you who, like me, have this weird thing for "the standard purple shimmer". I never get tired of them. And many are actually a little bit different from the rest! I guess it takes a connoisseur... This is Magic Night from Finnish brand Lumene.

Three coats. Could have been good enough at two. Pink and blue coarse flecks dispensed in plum base. Wide, thick brush, which is usually to my liking, but this one had a bit of a difficult cut. The polish itself is pigmented and smooth - to begin with. As you're reaching the sixth or so nail, it's beginning to thicken a bit. Pro on that, is that it dries fast. Overall a nicely executed "standard purple shimmer", one of the better I've seen.

Additional photo, rather true to color.

And in case you're wondering about the weird third picture, the background of it, which is usually my limestone windowsill, it is now temporarily replaced by the bum of a blue Abyssinian. Sivert is living with us for a short time, while my dad's bathroom is being redone. As individuals of this particular breed is being referred to as ticked terrorists, you can only guess why my nails are out of focus - even though he was sitting still. These kittehs are everywhere, I tell you.

After a day or so of hissing and suspiciousness, I think the boys now get along fairly well:

No, I never make my bed.

Swedish word of the day:
fräsa -verb hiss
Those creatures do.


  1. This color looks like so many others, I can't bear to buy them all! If I had the money, I totally would though :) Especially Nars Purple Rain and Illimasqua Baptiste! *swoons*

  2. Purple and pinks are my go to colors! Love them the most!!!

  3. Gorgeous, love the pink sparkles in this.

  4. So pretty! I'm a big fan of purples like this too :)

  5. Sötnosarna!! Vad snäll Stöj är som låter Sivert komma och bo hos er! Fast katter brukar i och ör sig vara snällare än man tror. Mina föräldrars katt, Putin, är väldigt generös mot mina flickor när de hälsar på.

  6. Sminkan: Kastrerade katter brukar vara rätt snälla, men har sett motsatsen också :) Min gamla katt Sara var ilsk som få - ju äldre desto värre, haha. Men hon vilar tryggt nu... I en frys i Tavelsjö. O.o

  7. oooow what a beautiful cat!!

    ( no I`m not missing out the polishes ofc, but the cat can get credit as well ;) )

  8. Making your bed is so pointless...At least that's what I tell myself. =D

    Gorgeous purple!


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