Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OPI Miss Universe comparisons

Finally, time for some comparisons!

From left to right: Zoya Dannii, Zoya Zara, OPI It's My Year, Zoya Faye.

It's My Year is the purple version of Faye (love them equally) and they are both packed with golden shimmer. Dannii has silver shimmer and Zara has golden shimmer but the shimmer particles are smaller than in It's My Year and Faye.

Added note from Feline:
We were also asked about how It's My Year compares to Sally Hansen Purple Gala. No photos (sorry), but Purple Gala is a lot cooler in tone - you could say that It's My Year lands somewhere in between Faye and Purple Gala.

From left to right: OPI The One That Got Away, OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name, OPI Let Me Entertain You.

TOTGA has gold shimmer, CIMMN is more blue than TOTGA and has silver shimmer and LMETY is lighter than the other two.

Last, comparison of Swimsuit... Nailed It!, against Funky Fingers Alice, which was the request we were able to fulfill. No bottle pics (again, sorry), but judging by the bottles they are pretty darn close. Also, this picture will suggest the same:

Swimsuit... Nailed It! to the left and Alice to the right. Not much difference, but not dupes, as there is a slight, very tiny, difference in tone.

The difference becomes much more obvious when looking at them at one thin coat each:

If you have Alice and love it, you can probably pass on the OPI, however, the bases are different and the opacity and pigmentation are miles apart. The shimmer is probably the same, though. Personally, I prefer the OPI. It has a well pigmented jelly base and covers well in two coats. If you have none and consider getting one, go with the OPI.

Cammi & Feline


  1. awesome comparison.. thank you for sharing them side by side

  2. Great comparisons! This was helpful. :)

  3. thanks for the comparisons!!!

  4. This has helped a lot! Thanks so much!

  5. Toppen! Har velat se Faye bredvid IMY, tack :)

  6. Not getting any of them :/ Even though they are not dupes they are too close !
    thanks for the comp !!

  7. Very helpful! I love all the purples the most, I have Dannii already but I think I need the rest.

  8. thanks for the comparisons! help me so much!

  9. thanks for the pics - Now I just want the OPI It's My Year!!

  10. Thanks for the comparisons Alizarine! I love that you have the new OPIs so early! I was wondering how It's my Year compares to Mr.Wrong by Hard Candy. It's definitely my favorite but I already have the hard candy one.

  11. Raine loves Nails: From what I can remember, the Hard Candy is very close to Sally Hansen Purple Gala, and that would make it a cooler purple, "more" purple, than It's My Year. :)


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