Thursday, June 16, 2011

OPI Miss Universe

OPI is nowadays releasing new collections in collaboration with various businesses and people like there's no tomorrow - the Miss Universe collection is brought to you in time for the competition by the same name. I'll confess right away that I loathe this kind of objectification, however, the lacquers are pretty. Here they are, swatched on wheel:

From left to right: Congeniality is My Middle Name, Crown Me Already!, It's My Year, Swimsuit... Nailed It!

I tried on Swimsuit... Nailed It! pretty much at once, and this is a complete manicure with base and top coats.

Plenty of pictures for this one, as it varies lots depending on the lighting. Two coats is well sufficient with this cross between jelly and foil, as the base is very pigmented. Rather saturated blue filled with smaller foil shimmer particles.

It's odd. In some situations, I absolutely love it, but then again in some, it looks less interesting. At least it's intriguing in this way, which leads to endless staring - on the couch, on my way to daycare, in the kitchen, on the balcony... It's... Different. In lower light - dark edges and a glowing centre. That's the look I love.

Here are some additional detailed closeups of the others:

Congeniality is My Middle Name. Overall fuchsia - red and pink shimmer in cool red pink, slightly jellyish base. Three coats, but will probably be good in two - I just did an extra to completely cover the plastic white wheel.

Crown Me Already! Multisized silver hex glitter in clear base. Three coats, will give decent coverage, for a topping effect I'd do a very very thin coat as this one's loaded with particles.

It's My Year. Golden foil shimmer in purple base. Three coats, and the sheerest of the collection, so I'd say all are needed. I know you're wondering how this one compares to Rally Pretty Pink and Zoya Faye, and we'll get back on that. However, the base of this one is probably more purple, not pink or mauve.

Overall a nice collection even though none will be all that unique when it'll be in stores (July as for Sweden). Naming a personal favourite would be stating the obvious, although I do believe I will also like It's My Year, since I have passed on both Rally Pretty Pink and Faye because of their pinkish hue - It's My Year suits my taste better. The fuchsia Congeniality is My Middle Name has a rather standard appearance, and we'll get back with comparisons on that one too.

Swedish word of the day
skönhetstävling -noun beauty contest


  1. I think Funky Fingers makes a dupe for Swimsuit...Nailed It!
    Theirs is called Alice.
    But it's a beautiful color, and my favorite from the collection too. n_n

  2. I totally want It's My Year and Swimsuit...Nailed It! The other two are blah for me.

  3. The colors are pretty, but they don't spark much excitement in me :-(

  4. ah Pixie Polish, I disagree ;))
    the blue is such a beautiful one like I haven't seen in quite a while. the "swimsuit" will definitely be mine :))
    "crown me already" looks similar to "spark de triomphe", I think I'll order only one of those two. I am not a big glitter fan, I hate the removal process, but these two are quite pretty and probably worth the effort.
    The fuchsia one I don't care about, the purpe-gold-foil is a maybe in my book ;))

  5. It's My Year & Swimsuit are really nice!

  6. I like Congeniality and It's My Year. This upcoming release from OPI totally escaped me! This is the first I have heard or seen of it! Thanks so much! FYI, the silver glitter can be left behind...I am so tired of the chunky glitter finish. Taking em off is horrible and I don't really like them on due to as said, that rough finish that I cannot get smooth with a zillion clear topper coats.

  7. Swimsuit ... nailed it! (wth is with the name??) is the only one that looks interesting to me. And it reminds me of a colour really really bad, i keep trying to think of which one. The only one that I can right now is the Hema Metallic, the blue one ... but I'm not sure if they're really close. Hope you'll do a comparison with the blue one too!

  8. Congeniality is My Middle Name looks super familiar too...

  9. is its my year close to sally hansens xtream wear in purple gala?

  10. For the first time in my life I WANT the entire OPI collex! :o) (I know it's not a regular one). It's My Year reminds me of Zoya's Faye, or not?

  11. Hi I'm a new follower and thanks to the italian OPI blog contest (I've won a honorable mention for photography) I've fallen in love with this brand!! Do you have a list of OPI upcoming collections? Probably I just know what to expect...but just wondering^^ I hope the Muppets collection will arrive here in Italy^^
    I would be very pleased if you'd come to see my OPI reviews on my blog ^^

  12. Oooh, such unique colors <3 I love the blue one, I'll have to be on the lookout so I can get it when it comes out here :)

  13. Håller med dig helt, fånig tävling men snygga lack. Hoppas att de kommer i ett minikit...

  14. Erm... What's up with OPI ?

    The glitter one is almost identical to Spark de Triomphe, the burgundy is very similar to the one in the Katy Perry collection, and the purple one know what I think...
    The blue is the most unique one, and even that one is not thaaat unique :/

    Again, what's up OPI?? Why release so many semi dupes?!

    Not getting any of these I'm afraid :(

  15. I love the colour and finish on Swimsuit... But it stained my nails and skin as h*ll :(

  16. ChaosButterfly: That one I do own, and I'm working on a comparison!

    Poetic Realist: They are really nice, I would probably have caved and got them both if I didn't... ehm... already have them. xD

    Pixie Polish: Nah, none are really inventive, sadly!

    Caitlyn: I like the blue one as well (apparently), I think it's worth getting. It's a very nice formula!

    Jennifer Leigh: They are! :)

    beachgal: But since this post, I have seen a billion press release posts. :) Sometimes the Swedish OPI peeps are faster than any! And I hate glitter removal too, I carefully choose when to wear them - preferably just before filing my nails down. ;)

    Ulmiel: I agree, the name of the blue makes me sick - feminist as hell. ;) Unfortunately I don't have the Hema one to compare to, but some kind of comparison will be up shortly.

    thenailaholic: Yes, most polishes of this type are redundant. :)

    chelle19: I haven't thought about that, but I'll try to check since I do have that one too!

    Pani Skeffington: Comparison of these will be up in a short while. ;)

    xasperadastra: Sorry, I have poor skills when it comes to keeping track of upcoming collections, they are so many these days that it all becomes a haze to me. But I usually post new OPI colors as I get them, at least if it's of public interest. I checked your blog a bit hasty, but I can tell your photography is fantastic - congratulations on your success! :)

    Summer: You should!

    Emma P.: Ja, det vore ju perfekt, om nu inte OPI tycker att de är FÖR limited edition för det, vilket vore korkat. :)

    Sarah B.: Too afraid to break new ground these days - sadly. Comparison of the colors will come up in a while, so you can check for yourself, but I can hint as much as that the fuchsia/red/burgundy is not identical to the KP one. :)

    SaintBella: Oh, how different we all respond to chemicals! I had no issues with staining even though my cuticles are terribly dry at the moment - my nails are stained pretty much all the time, so I seldom notice any differences. ;)


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