Thursday, June 9, 2011

OPI Touring America - part I

Warning! Massive amounts of pictures ahead!

Some of you have already figured OPI was hosting another one of their famous PR parties, here in Stockholm, yesterday. Of course Cammi and I went, and as usual, we split the duties equally, so this is the first of two posts - Cammi's part coming up a bit later.

The girls working at the Swedish OPI distributor Kings Hair always go over the top to present the whole thing as genuinely as possible. This time, for that all American feeling, the event was hosted at TGI Friday's restaurant, where we were treated to fried chicken, mozzarella, chili cheese, garlic bread, and Margaritas - and of course manicures and the mandatory goodie bag of product samples. Or, goodie box, this time.

Cute tin box. And inside, the collection you all browsed here to see:

Now, I want to remind you I can't guarantee complete color accuracy. Though I'll confide in you and admit I've been working my ass off to get these as close to reality as possible - and bear in mind: sunlight has been somewhat moderate in Stockholm today, and some of the lacquers depicted are very dark, hence even more tricky to get completely realistic. The individual bottle shots are dead-on on my screen - however I have no clue what settings you are using, dear friends! So, here are six of the eight cremes. Notes and comments as you scoll along through this typical American road trip. All swatches are with no topcoat.

A-Taupe the Space Needle.

Three coats. My camera turned this one green, so these have been modified quite a bit. But think baby poo, and you're basically there. Supposedly taupe, but a tad too warm to be one, I think. Not crazy about this one, but you strange lovers of OPI & Apple Pie will probably find this one amusing. Even though I was born and have lived all my life in Sweden, I know the Space Needle is located in Seattle, Washington, but being a foreigner and all, I can't say the first color I think of when associating with Seattle is a warm taupe. I would have loved a dark, murky green, reminiscent of the Washington forests. But you can't have it all.

Get in the Expresso Lane.

Two coats. Really dark, slightly greyed brown. I find this to be a nice shade of brown, and I'm positive I'll wear it for fall. Maybe not something to write home about, but a wearable, appropriate vampy brown for that outfit with woolen socks and tweed you'll pick out in October, I suppose.

Honk if You Love OPI.

Two coats. Dark, vampy plum purple. What's there to say? We have all seen it before. Not really new or fresh. Nonetheless a great purple vampy. If you don't own one, get it, but if you own plenty, you probably won't need it. It's very nice though, both in application and pigmentation, so I will find use for my bottle.

I Brake For Manicures.

Two coats. When I first saw this bottle, I was pondering... Is it brown? Is it purple? No, it's a brurple! A sort of washed out raisin shade, also rather dark and vampy, and in low light you won't be able to tell what color it is. And I freakin' love it. We have seen so many greyed out purple and taupe and brown shades these last few years, but I honestly believe this one is quite new and unique. Unfortunately, it's not very evident in these photos. You'll have to see it for yourselves. But this one will be worn - I will brake for a manicure.

Road House Blues.

Two coats. Dark navy or midnight sort of blue. A vampy blue. Not overly spectacular, but a nice shade of blue. The name is great for being a newer OPI release. For a while, I believed they were out of short names. How hard was it, really? I immediately go back to Washington and think of Twin Peaks. Those weird road houses with melancholic blues singers, and weird kids doing weird stuff, and tired lumberjacks drinking beer.

Uh-oh Roll Down the Window.

Three coats, and the color you all waited to see, right? Anyone of my more frequent readers will know I can't resist a good olive creme, and this is no exception. I haven't yet compared it to any of my others, but it really doesn't matter - I can't get enough of them. If you're like me, this is a must have. However, labelled with the silliest name in OPI's entire history. Yeah, I want to walk into a salon and ask for the fart polish!

I'm happy to once again say I think OPI has improved their formula pigmentation wise. I was worried after the release of the Texas collection because so many was more sheer than I expect a good quality polish to be, but these are all sufficient for my taste (and patience). The lighter shades required three coats, but a more generous person will get away with two. The vampier ones are pigmented enough for two. All of these dry a shade or two darker than bottle color, though. Also, they do definitely need some topcoat.

Overall, I think this is a good collection for fall. The northern hemisphere just received its summer, and maybe most of us aren't in the mood for fall lacquers yet, but once it's getting colder I think any lover of a good, murky, greyed creme will dig these. The half I've been reviewing here have some hits and some misses, and some in between, which is what I expect from OPI, since they're supposed to fill the needs of many different women - some conservative and some not so much. I'm glad to see Suzi isn't afraid of dark stuff, and these do fill my needs for that fall feeling. The half Cammi will be reviewing is in some aspects quite different - but you'll see for yourselves later on.

Some of the shades are very close to each other, in a peculiar way. If you look really close, they're not, but being so dark, in most lightings they're similar. Maybe we could have used a more wide-spread palette, which would have been possible even in the darker spectrum. Still, I like these, but if I had to spend bucks, I wouldn't buy the entire collection. Now, if OPI could just quit the diarrhea colors, the ratio of a color wise qualitative collection would rise tremendously.

Comparisons at a later date, when we've had the time to. Any requests welcome.

Swedish word of the day:
bila -verb to take a road trip by car
not to be confused with
bila -noun blade, broad-axe
One is for vacations, the other is found in a guillotine.


  1. Pretty sure all the ones I want are in the second half of the collection :)

  2. Det är bara en av dessa som tilltalar mig vid första anblicken och du kan säkert gissa vilken. :D

  3. Ah I love Road House Blues! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So far I'm disappointed. I can't wait to see the other half though :)

  5. All these are either boring or poop colors :(. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the name of the last one was referring to a fart though!!

  6. Hehe, I though Uh-oh Roll Down The Window was referring to being sick in the car. Either way, the name is disgusting and just when I thought we've seen them all with OPI. Colour is a must though. This one and I break for manicures, I have that one on my WL since the first swatches. Can't decide if I like this collection or not, we'll see with the other half. These two colours are a hit though, so I guess it's far from being a bad one!

  7. What the doodle is going on here?! Thanks for the swatches, I don't want to be involved with any of these though :/

  8. It is odd how they are so much darker on the nail than in the bottle. Also, I feel like I have all these colors already, or perhaps better versions, etc.

    Looking forward to your Muppet Swatches with enthusiasm!!!

  9. I'm not much for cremes, but I actually liked the darker shades of the collection.

  10. Cool to get a first glimpse of this collection. Last weekend was the Orlando Premiere show and even though OPI had 2 HUGE set ups they didn't have even a mention of this collection. :(

  11. Lovely swatches! I really like Road House Blues. :)

  12. I love the first one and the lask one the best. Is the first one a bit green or not? It sure looks a bit khaki. Lovely collection, I think these shades will be incredible classy in fall.

  13. Anne: Me too. ;)

    Sminkan: Det kan jag! Jag lovar att fixa compar senare, men jag gissar att du kommer skaffa den ändå. ;)

    Lacquered Lover: It is nice!

    thenailaholic: I guess you can't win every time. :)

    Tammie: Well, I'm quite fond of two of them, but gladly, we all have different tastes - it makes life a whole lot more fun. :) And yes, maybe I'm not that intelligent, but fart is what I think when car windows need to be rolled down. ;)

    Ulmiel: Quite possible, you're right. But seriously, what sick (pun intended) person tries to vomit through a car window? xD There would be puke all over! Happily, there are plastic bags... xD And it seems we share favourites among these. :)

    Sally: I hope you'll find something you like among the other half of the collection! :)

    Paillette: I can't guarantee complete color accuracy though, you might perceive them differently in reality - just wait for Scrangie's swatches. ;)

    NailsbyNoir: Yes, I think they're generally quite nice. :)

    Kimberly: It's a strange company for sure. But maybe they didn't yet have samples available. :)

    Solveig: Always glad to induce likes. ;)

    Anonymous: My camera suggested ATtSN being a bit khaki, or even more baby poo colored, but my eyes can't see it in reality. I guess we'll have to wait for additional swatches and the typical seeing bottles in person thingy!

  14. Maybe I'll like the other shades better, but this blue omg! love <3

  15. i am loving this collection ! since in coming around to pinks abit more the pink on top is cute too. i may have something to spend my bday $$$ on.nice post and manis

  16. Så konstigt ; på samlingsbilden ser alla helfina ut men var och en ser de mest ut som trista kopior av vad man redan har...Kanske får man använda dem till att köra stripes eller något för att ge ursprunget en chans?
    Fast Uh-oh Roll Down the Window är ju finfin och Road House Blues har något speciellt över sig

  17. Um, I don't think that's a fart reference. "Turning green" is a figure of speech for feeling sick, so it surely means "roll down the window cause I have to puke"! Not much better though ;) Thanks for the swatches!

  18. Sarah B.: You mean you're not into greens as much as I am? ;D

    aaminahs mom: Nice to hear someone actually liking it. :) You'll soon get to see the other shades, perhaps it may be interesting. :)

    schmut: Det ser alltid mycket skojsigare ut med en hel samling färger av någon anledning, men jag kan lova att ett par av dessa i verkligheten är skojigare än de ser ut här - men självklart inte mycket för den som gillar bjärta färger.

    Vedra: I curse my Swedishness - but I would NEVER try to puke through a window, I'm too short! xD I'd just have to take the car to the carwash afterwards. It just seems less inteligent. Also, maybe the reason for the sickness was someone's fart in the first place. xD

  19. Get in the Expresso Lane is my favourite and A-Taupe the Space Needle my 2nd fav' of the ones you've swatched here!
    Thanks, great job, as always!

  20. Hey, do You think "I Brake For Manicures" is similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge "Recherché"?
    (if you don't know it, check it out!) :D

  21. Nailderella: Expresso Lane IS very nice, undoubtedly! :)

    Andrea: I don't have it, sorry, but check similarities and differences with Essie Smokin' Hot, posted earlier today!

  22. Only one that has me interested is Honk if you love OPI. I like Roll Down the Window - BUT I know from past experience I wear these shades a couple times and then they sit while I pull out others I like to wear more - so I will by maybe one of the camo like olive greens this fall that a # of lines are coming out with and that will be it. Now sure if it will be this one from OPI or more likely the camo green (there are 2 of them) in the Zoya collection for fall 2011. I know not to get my collection over filled with colors that maybe i don't have dupes of - but won't be pulled to wearing over and over, unless I get a really good buy or a good swap on them - then I might weaken. But agree with ya. - the OPI fall collection is thus far nothing too spectacular other than I like you said the formula was good on all the ones you tried so far and I like the dark shades over all. I have seen a couple collections for fall that have some major brights in them - odd I think for fall.

  23. Any idea when you will have the rest of the OPI fall collection to swatch?

  24. The girls working at the Swedish OPI distributor Kings Hair always go over the top to present the whole thing as genuinely as possible. This time, for that all American feeling, the event was hosted at TGI Friday's restaurant, cialis where we were treated to fried chicken, mozzarella, chili cheese, garlic bread, and Margaritas - and of course manicures and the mandatory goodie bag of product samples. Or, goodie box, this time.


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