Monday, June 6, 2011

Revolutionaire Extraordinaire

Today Sweden celebrates the national day. However, Swedes are known for not celebrating much, compared to for example Norwegians and Americans, and for many it has become a day associated with racist claims and overall rather controversial debate. Many think of Swedes as stupid for not celebrating, and simultaneously you'll find a bulk of theories as to why. I'm not diving deeper into the matter though, and will leave it by stating that personally, I'm one of those who don't celebrate, as I think of nations as pointless administrative units, and rather think of my own identity in regional aspects, as well as being a human, sharing a planet with you all.

Therefore, I did not do a blue and yellow manicure today, but one in grey and red - I call it Revolutionaire Extraordinaire!

Or perhaps blood on asphalt? The red crackle is from Depend, and was done on top of Essie's Over the Top.

The formula of Over the Top was rather annoying, thin, runny and sheer, and when slapping on thicker coats due to impatience, of course it bubbled. Perhaps an early B3F formula? I did three coats and they weren't completely dry yet when applying the crackle, which made the manicure in total slighly bumpy. Doesn't matter though, I still love it.

I had no sunlight available, so I aimlessly played around with my camera instead, and then thought it would be rather fun to show you what my hand really looks like, in all of its crooked, chubby glory:

And not often seen: my thumb! The nail on the finger in question is very ridged, probably because of some old damage to the matrix, so I'm not terribly proud of it.

Swedish word of the day:
flagga -noun flag
I don't own any.


  1. I definitely think this looks like blood on concrete. Very cool!

  2. I am loving the color combo! I love Red with anything black or grey and this is gorgeous!

  3. Jag köpte det här röda från Depend men har inte provat det. Det ser ju coolt ut! Väldigt "jag när jag var 16". :D

  4. I love it :) It almost looks like you splattered the crackle or something!

  5. Riktigt snygg kombination!


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