I do not mind sharing my work with others. You all have my full consent to save any of my work to your hard drives, for personal use, and sharing with friends (even though linking is just a whole lot easier); I believe in the freedom of information and the right for an individual to use it for their own personal purposes or recreation. I will also most likely agree for you to republish any of my content after obtaining my permission, if I am credited for my work.

What I do not tolerate is republishing of my copyrighted material without permission, for commercial use, or any kind of profit, i. e. on webshops or eBay. However, even this is open for negotiation, if you first seek my approval. You're more likely to obtain rights for commercial use if you own and/or run a business I support.

To find an agreement on any kind of use, please contact me via email.

All of the above applies to content published by the blog owner: Blogger user Feline Flodin. It is not applicable to content by other contributors to this blog, as they are the immaterial rights owners of their own content.