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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pink pom poms

Get ready for this: another polish from Darling Diva Polish! Are you getting sick of 'em? 'Cause I'm not. I don't know what's wrong with me, but all of these seem like the most awesome ideas ever. Maybe it's partly the conventional polish brands' fault, since they largely refuse to try new creative ideas.

Today's post is pink and super girly. When I saw this polish in the Etsy store, I just had to have it. It's so far from this mousy metal chick that I am, that having this polish on would be a hugely amusing joke. It's called But, I'm A Cheerleader!!! and I tried to make it even more interesting by coating it over a mood polish, namely Claire's Mood in Awesome/Silly.

(Is that water on your fingers, or are you just happy to see me?) Isn't this fun for a pink glitter? The black glitters in it totally does it. And look at the pink holographic heart! This is one coat, but in the photo below, But, I'm A Cheerleader is applied in two coats over China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes.

I should have settled for one coat only, but other than that, it's rather cool over a neon as well.

Speaking of pink and black glitter, here's a bonus in the form of a manicure I didn't get a lot of nice photos of. It's another Darling Diva Polish (can you believe it?!), called Channeling Coco.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but this pink and black glitter idea is totally addictive. This was another love at first sight. So damn chic. I applied the glitters on rather sparsely (I put some back in the bottle) because I prefer it that way. I do believe this was three coats, but in all honesty, it's been a while since I wore it, and my memory is mildly impaired.

Pink overdose alright, but we're soon back to business as usual on this address. And by now, you know where to find the Darling Diva Polish Etsy shop, right?

All products in this post, except Channeling Coco, was purchased with own funds.
Channeling Coco was a personal gift.

Swedish word of the day:
hejaklacksledare -noun cheerleader
The Swedish word is actually kind of clumsy.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Are you flirty or shy?

I had this craving for blue polish, and as I was searching my untrieds for a good one, I found this mood polish from Claire's, called Flirty/Shy.

Most of the time, these mood polishes give you a sort of funky french look, provided your nails are long enough. I like that. However, what I loved most about this polish is the color when cold:

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous indigo blue shade?

I did three coats of this one, as I believe I had to do with the other mood polishes from Claire's that I've tried in the past. It still isn't entirely opaque, at least not when the warm shade is present.

Let's see some additional photos shot with flash in my bathroom:

That gorgeous indigo again...

This is a good rendition of what the warm shade looks like. It's a rather bright blue. You can also see the slight see-through going on at the tips.

And this is just because I can.

If you've been a reader for a longer time, you know I have this infatuation with mood polishes (just scroll through the claire's category!). All this shit going on whenever I decide to sorta interact with it makes me giddy. I have to show it to everyone, even those slightly unaffected by interest. I jump up and down and giggle. "Now it's warm... and now it's cold! SEE?!!"

So... Yeah.

Swedish word of the day:
värme -noun heat, warmth
Not really present this Swedish summer.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Evil Queen

I know, I've been absent for an entire week - sorry about that. I got a series of work shifts with short notice, worked five days i a row, including four night shifts, that meaning I'm practically beaten to death right now. My back and legs hate me! Fortunately, I have a bunch of posts in the vault to keep my blogging presence somewhat alive, and this is one of those posts: Claire's Evil Queen.

Three coats. This dark plum base is kind of sheer, but the slightly duochrome flecks make the application process worthwhile. Pretty much simultaneously with the release of Orly's Cosmic FX and MAC's duochromes last fall (wasn't it?), Claire's put out some similar shades, Evil Queen being one of them. There's also one dupish to the infamous Space Cadet - Venomous, and a red one, Poison Apple, that I'm unable to compare to for example MAC Bad Fairy.

I have this thing for Claire's and Icing polishes, and the like, because for a European they're very hard to find. American scalpers don't seem to have figured they'd do well with these on ebay, so the only way for a European girl to obtain these is through swapping. I got the afore mentioned trio from the lovely Carissa - her daughters helped her find them in a clearance bin!

Oh, I almost forgot, I of course do have additional photos - they're becoming more of a rule than an exception now that I'm so impatient with some of the inabilities of my cameras! Can you see the duochrome?

Honestly, the effect isn't pronounced enough to really make wearing this polish all that fun - most of the time it just looks like a flecked vampy plum purple. I should perhaps try it again some time.

Swedish word of the day:
elak -noun evil
I like nice better.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Calm... Or Wild?

I've shown you some of the Claire's Mood polishes before, and tonight I have yet another one - Calm/Wild.

Shifting from purple to pink, with a heavy silver shimmer - three coats and very nice.

And here it is in action, under running warm water:

...and cool:

Very nice. But I'm not a pink girl, so I kind of wished I'd be cold all the time.

Swedish word of the day:
reaktiv -adjective reactive
I love a polish with some action.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm a rockstar too!

Lately I've been going through some of my untried Claire's polishes. The one I'm showing you today is quite spectacular, and I really really loved it. The purple, densely glassflecked Rockstar.

Of course there was no sun. Damn it.

Swedish word of the day:
totalmörker -noun total darkness
Sweden really suffers from it right now.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yeah, Claire's Magic, that is. I know you've seen it a million times already, but here it i again!

Pretty red shimmer in blurple jelly. Very nice!

Swedish word of the day:
julskinka -noun christmas ham
I don't really celebrate christmas, but I celebrate food every day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabulous... AND Funky!

No, I'm not exactly sure what I wanted to say with that post title, but let's just pretend everything's in order. At least a few of you enjoyed the mood polish post from yesterday, and I was on a roll so I slapped on another one, and made everything a wee bit more difficult to myself- and chose a neon.

The short version of Claire's Mood Fabulous/Funky.

Incredibly horrendous to capture, this one, but here's the long version!

And the water shots I love so much, for some reason...

In cool water...

...and in warm.

This is a somewhat color accurate underwater shot of the warm color, which is the really neon-y one. Excuse the reflections of my bathroom light on the water surface...

And here's an attempt to catch the true color that indicates cool temperature. However, not totally accurate I'd say. It's more of a berry pink, or perhaps borsjtj- beet soup with sourcream.

Absolute hotness, though! I loved wearing this one. And speaking of wear, it was rather crappy with this one as well, however not as bad as Excited/Bored. I got chipping with this one after about 12 hours, and after 24 hours, the chipping was pretty bad, worse than I ever would do in public. Though, I was at IKEA so there was no escape from the chipping shame...

Swedish word of the day:
flagna -verb chip
These mood polishes sure do...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bored... Or Excited?

You know I've been on a quest over the past week to find brightness in my life, and I suddenly thought of an awesome way to get it. I just dragged out my untried Claire's Mood polishes! I mean, is there anything that brings more joy than a fun, bright novelty polish?!

I know you have seen these a million times already, but I don't care. Besides, my friend Anne has wanted to see some mood polishes now for a long time!

This was the short version that pretty much sums up Excited/Bored for you. And now for the long one...

Very weird color... This polish is some sort of pastel, altering between a light apricot, or maybe the color of pig skin, and a more coral, bright shade. The formula kind of sucks, and is both a bit see-through and streaky. Like so many pastels, it doesn't really even out. This is three coats and it's still very uneven.

Still, who cares?! The color change is enough to make me less miserable!

Now for some completely redundant water shots.

Cool water...
...and warm. These last two photos were shot in my bathroom in fluorescent light, that's why the colors are so wonky.

And some more:

Nice. Although I can't say I like the lighter color. But fun is fun, no matter what color it comes in. However, the name of this polish, Excited/Bored, appears quite enigmatic to me. I don't know about you people, but when I get excited, I get hot. Though, when I'm wearing this polish and get hot, the color is described as Bored. And when I'm chilly, the color indicates I'm Excited. Hmm.

Also, I do want to comment on the wear here. This polish has the crappiest wear I've experienced in a very long time. Within hours, I had chipping on pretty much every nail. No huge chunks coming off, but little chips, definitely a lot more than tipwear.

Still. Who cares?! For a novelty polish I'm willing to forgive anything.

Swedish word of the day:
humör -noun mood
I really do have a bendy one.