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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super glitter nova

I never have sun when I want it. That's why this post about Essie Super Bossa Nova contains none. But it does contain brightness!

Had my camera been cooperative with all colors, you would have been able to see that the shimmer (which is kind of coarse in a weird way), is blueish. It could perhaps be labeled glassfleck. Regardless, it's very pretty. As you all know I'm not big on anything within the pink color family, except for bright fuchsias or neons, and this shade fits the first description. Does the fuchsia have a blue cast, I'm all over it. This was two coats. Not the watery and poorly pigmented Essie formula I'm used to at all.

Then I was bored and inspired at the same time. Some of you girls do such pretty layering combinations, and I wanted to try some myself. So I brought all the matching glitters I could find among my untrieds, and ended up like this:

Cute, heh? I'm not positive what's been added, but I'm sure there's one coat of OPI I Lily Love You, and one of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia. I also added one coat of a sheer blue glassfleck from one of H&M's summer collections, a shade known as Blue Wave, but it kind of disappeared on camera. Is there anything else? If so, it escapes me right now.

It didn't seem to dry fast enough though, so I thought "be gone!" within the drying time frame and just wiped it all off. After all, this is not a very alizariney manicure. But it was fun trying out.

Swedish word of the day:
glitterbomb -noun glitter bomb
Again with the putting words together. So simple.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Purple chunkiness

Another one from the vault, another purple. Or, two, actually! I know you've seen this one plenty of times already, but a few eye candy shots can't hurt, right? One of the infamous Kleancolor Chunky Holos, namely Chunky Holo Purple, over a medium purple shimmer I received from my Brazilian friend Sarah of Them Pretty Colors, called Impala Nicole. No sun that day, but multichromes work even better in sunless mode.

I have one problem with these Kleancolors, I have come to realise. They are thick enough to shrink the underlying polish. The day after application my manicure has retracted a bit from the edges. This is annoying during times when I don't have the energy to change my manicure every day. Apart from that, this look makes me happy. A bit too much "glitter-on-top" for my taste, but I still like it. It makes me feel that I may be able to live without Clarins 230, or anyone of the similar polishes, at least another week or perhaps two.

Oh, and this was one of my manicures that was forced upon me by using! Sometimes when in doubt, it works out like a charm.

Swedish word of the day:
slumpvis -adjective random

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party nails according to Jos and Tanya

A while ago I got this cute photo in my inbox:

This is the hands of Carissa and her daughters. In exchange for the super large package of goodies Cari sent me a while ago, I had sent them a few of my Swedish favourites in return. I had been told in advance that at least one of the girls had a huge thing for blue polish, so along with the rest I had tossed in a bottle of H&M Blue My Mind and Depend 252, as well as a spare bottle of the crazy Lippmann-esque glitter Carnival from NYX Girls. Apparently, these made the girls so giddy they wanted matching manicures for a birthday party, and Cari managed this "swapping appreciation" photo. Being a mom myself, I got the biggest smile on my face as I opened it. [heart]

I thought the girls had managed a super layering combo here, so I wanted to try it out myself! Though I had two crazy Happy Birthday sorta glitters I couldn't decide between, so I ended up using both.

This is two coats of H&M Blue My Mind, one coat of the glassfleck blue Depend 252, one coat of Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic and one coat of the afore mentioned NYX Girls Carnival. My nails look like a clown vomited on them, but it's crazy enough to be cool instead of just hideous.

I took the opportunity to reshoot Blue My Mind alone. It's one of my favourite H&M lacquers ever, perhaps my very favourite. Sadly, it has now been discontinued, so if you see a bottle in the clearance bin, make sure to grab it!

Two coats.

I decided now would be a good time to do a quick and sloppy comparison of the Happy Birthday type of multicolored glitter that several brands have put out since the big hype:

These are the ones I got: Milani Jewel FX in Gems, NYX Girls Carnival, and Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic.

First, let's look at what you get from one coat:

...and three coats, if opacity is what you're aiming for:

Obviously the Milani is the most dense of these, and the Kleancolor, which also has the largest glitters, is the most sparse. The Milani and the NYX Girls seem very similar when it comes to glitter constituton, but from what I can tell the overall color temperature of the NYX Girls is slightly warmer. You may click to enlarge the wheel photos for a detailed view, although the photos are far from perfect.

So, hi Jos and Tanya! for coming up with this crazy happy manicure idea!

Swedish word of the day:
fest -noun party
We should all have one sometime.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red hot and classic

Here's a great example of a post that my camera has screwed up completely! And I had such a lovely red creme to show you. Yes, I'm one of those who just cannot get enough of red cremes. What does that make me? I'll leave it up to you to decide. Anyway, here is another sweet one I got from Carissa recently: Kennebunk-port from OPI's New England collection.

Two coats. And messed up by my camera. It turns this one a bright red! It's not. It's a deeper medium cherry, cool toned red. The second photo has been slightly color corrected to show that.

But my initial plan was to get some use out of one of my Kleancolor glitters, namely Red-Hot. Coating it over a cool red might not have been the most ideal choice, but that's what I did.

Two coats of Red-Hot, but still, the glitter is rather sparse. I had expected a more wham pow sorta effect, because it looks really red-hot and massive in the bottle, but this is what you get. Also, the Kleancolor glitters have a rather thick, jellyish base, so the coats end up a little too thick to be able to dry decently. This shitty manicure was still soft when I left the apartment about half an hour later, and I got a lot of dangs and smudges here and there, which is the the reason why I never took some sunny photos later. Also, the small glitter is of course not black, but the same orange-y color as the larger hex particles. I don't know why my camera does this to some glitter, but it annoys me.

So, from me Red-Hot gets a big thumbs down, while I always, always favour a classic red creme, especially if it contains toluene and applies and dries like a queen! However, I just don't ...get the name. Again, I guess I'm just too Swedish. Kennebunk-port. Is it witty in some way? I haven't got a clue.

Swedish word of the day:
het -adjective hot
Red-Hot isn't.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norwegian solidarity

After being completely unenergetic for a few days, I had to gather the pieces last night, and do something normal. For the last couple of days, I have, like so many other, been in a vacuum. Friday afternoon, Oslo, Norway, was struck by unbelievable acts of terrorism: a bomb went off by the government buildings, killing 7 people, and only two hours later, the same perpetrator set foot on a small island a few kilometers away, dressed as a policeman, and gunned down more than a hundred youth and children, of which 85 have now been declared dead.

By the principle of proximity, this hit me hard. Not only because Norway is Sweden's neighboring nation, but also because the kids on Utøya, who were there attending a summer camp, were part of a political youth movement with views very close to my own. I feel as it is my children who have been killed, the next generation supposed to follow the path of justice, equality, peace and solidarity. They were shot because of their political beliefs, and because they were young - this crowd was targeted for a reason.

I do not usually wave flags or national colors, being a firm believer of international solidarity and seeing all people on Earth as one, but as a step towards the recovery even those of us on the fringe of effect need, I decided to paint my nails for Norwegian solidarity.

I used China Glaze Midnight Mission, a stark white mini Color Club creme, American Apparel Downtown LA for the not very well executed heart, and topped the very same with Kleancolor Red Hot. It may not look like much, especially with the lack of skill in mind, but this is a rather thought-through manicure. I will not elaborate on this, as I'm sure you're all able to use your own imaginations, and the detailed meaning it has to me may not be valid to you.

I really don't trust myself using freehand painting on my nails, so I cut out a small heart in ordinary scotch tape, placing it over the white once it had fully dried, and even though I first applied a topcoat to avoid bleeding under the tape, it did so anyway. [Grr.] Because it largely got fecked up for various reasons, I did some... Erhmm... Correcting. This is painfully visible in closeup, with additional bubbles, topcoat bleeding and everything:

Oops. It's still rather cute from a distance though. And I kind of like that the heart shape is a bit irregular. And yes, I wanted to do the accent on my index, because I like to point at things!

I'll finish this post by asking you to please do what you're able to to take a stand against political violence. Killing others, or even trying to exterminate them, because of their views - especially when they are of the peaceful kind - is many steps away from democracy.

Swedish and Norwegian (bokmål) word of the day:
Norge -noun Norway
The heart is close.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Readers' choice: Kleancolor Winter Wonderland

I couldn't stay away, so I squeezed in some time for swatching today, between breakfast and taking the kid to see the small Viking age style farm with animals and stuff. I had more than one request for Kleancolor Winter Wonderland, so here it is. Although it's definitely the wrong time of year!

Stuffed in below somewhere is a photo with this sheer white with glitter at one coat only (on terribly stained nails), both for reference and for those of you who might prefer it that way.

Three coats. Silvery white shimmer with multicolored glitter. Can you count how many different colors? I'm not even going to give it a go! Another completely awesome glitter from Kleancolor. Or, does it look like herpes?

Though, be aware of the following: 1. it is rather sheer, 2. it is also rather slow drying, 3. it recquires drying time in between coats, 4. it needs drying time before any cleanup attempt, 5. the shimmer is heavy, so cleanup on skin is quite a bit of work, and 6. it really is rather sheer, so use this one as a layering glitter over a silver or similar if you're uncomfortable with visible nail line (even though the glitter effectively disguises any), or if you're in a hurry!

Not for the work shy, obviously, but if you don't mind putting in some extra effort, I think this one might be worth owning. If you're into the whole herpes glitter thing.

Winter Wonderland swatches were requested by both Helga and Estelle. Remember that you can always send in requests for swatches of polishes that haven't yet been featured on the blog - go to the "collection" page just under the blog header to scroll through available polishes, and submit requests via either email, twitter or MakeupAlley!

Swedish word of the day
underland -noun wonderland
They come in different imagery for different people!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

China girl - a stamping n00b's journey

I got another opportunity to try out a nailart item from the Born Pretty Store, free of choice - the lovely woman I've been in contact with offered me to pick something more expensive, but I already had my eyes and heart set at a specific stamping plate: the Chinese motifs of m66. What else would you expect from someone who grew up in the land of minimalism?

This is identical to the Konad m66 plate, but I'm fairly certain that this one is what is usually referred to as a fauxnad plate. I couldn't care less, since this one works well.

This is what I used:

Image plate, rubber stamp, and plastic card (instead of razor scraper - not always a good idea to use those, I have been told). Of course my card is red and indicates certain cultural preferences.

Now, one of the reasons I wanted to try this plate out, is that I have to date been scared shit of trying large stamping images. Do you remember my first attempt? I did smaller images then, afraid I would just ruin everything if I tried anything larger. But the m66 is perfect that way, it contains both larger and smaller images, so I thought that if I suck badly enough to be unable to do the larger ones, I can just surrender to the smaller.

No matter what, I was eager to try this time. First, I did a sloppy attempt at my existing manicure, the Kleancolor I showed you yesterday - Fashionista.

Rather cute, I used another Kleancolor for the stamping, Military Green. I like it, but I'm still no van Gogh when it comes to this method...

Though, do check out the little Chinese peasant (?) I fell in love with - I placed her (?) on my pinky nail:

Unfortunately I managed to chop off her legs. Sorry sweetie!

Next, I wanted to try another Chinese style thingy I had wanted to since I saw it done by the fantastic Solveig at Nailin' It! - Chinese china.

Not terribly well executed - I'm not a stamping goddess like Solveig - this one gave me a terrible headache. First: stamping on a fresh manicure is time consuming. Second: stamping on a fresh white manicure is even more time consuming. Third: stamping on a white manicure just isn't very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. I don't know how many times I had to redo some of the nails, which is the reason why I've used two different white shades for a base here. I wanted to do all nails with the Essie I had picked out, Marshmallow, but it took forever to dry and I was impatient and ruined both the index and the stamping-wise difficult pinky. I redid those in one of the typical Color Club Halloween mini whites, which was a lot more stark white than the squishy Marshmallow. I used China Glaze Calypso Blue for the stamping.

What can I say? I suck at this. Look at the pinky! It's terrible. Not only does it remind me of the stapings of a wellknown blogger who succeeds with her stampings in only about 5 % of the photos I've seen, but also, that particular nail is so soft and getting the entire image on is almost impossible!

Well, I'm not known for giving up that fast, so I tried another idea I had for the true Chinese feeling - the more sultry kind: gold on red.

Still no Vermeer when it comes to the stamping technique. This one looks decent in reality, but not so much in these photos. I used the matte Revlon Ruby Ribbon as a base, and stamped with a warm (unnamed) gold from Sonia Kashuk I once got in a sweet giveaway from Kelly at Vampy Varnish. I have very few gold polishes and this one was actually the most opaque - or least sheer.

This is the most true to what it looks like in the today cloudy Stockholm area:

Notice the little butterfly?

However, I could of course not leave out the other cute images on this plate, so I did a couple of them on my very secretive thumb nails:

Water lily, arbitrarily stamped...

And look! Once again my favourite, the little Chinese peasant. This time with feet almost intact!

This was fun. I think I'll use this plate again. Also, I think I'll be getting more plates. I know I suck, but you know what they say: practice makes perfect.

I want to squeeze in so many youtube videos for pun in this post, but I won't, so I'll just post links if you're really interested in the mental soundtrack during my work:

T'Pau - China in your hand - how many of you were born when this was a hit?
David Bowie - China girl - too obvious.
Opeth - Porcelain Heart - for those of you who are like me.

I have also constantly been thinking of the China Palace, a fun lustschloss near the royal palace of Drottningholm, outside Stockholm. It was originally a gift from king Adolf Fredrik to his queen Lovisa Ulrika, at her birthday in 1753.

Please note that there is a 10 % off coupon from the Born Pretty Store in the sidebar to the right, if you would want to try these images at a more than fair cost.

Do you know what would really disappoint me now? If someone told me the images on this plate are actually Japanese.

Swedish expression of the day:
övning ger färdighet practice makes perfect
I really hope so.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sun worshipping fashionista

I already confessed that attempting to shoot notd photos while on vacation was disastrous. When I emptied my camera last night I had decent photos of one manicure only, and that's the one I'm posting now, accompanied by a couple of less great photos you just have to see. First, here's China Glaze Sun Worshipper.

Three coats. I had a bit of a troublesome application, as the case usually is with bright or neon yellow toned lacquers, but after the three coats and a generous slobbing of topcoat it came out okay. Acquired only recently although it's from last year's summer collection, as I tend to get very bored with new China Glaze collections after seeing them pretty much all over the internetZ. But now was the time, and I love it!

Great thing: You can use this manicure as a flashlight when attempting to find the outhouse in the middle of the (not very dark) Swedish night. This shit glooows.

Now time for a manicure that did end up on camera, but rendered in nonqualitative photos. Though, since you're visiting this blog, I'm sure you'd like to see it - it's olive green! This is Fashionista from Kleancolor.

Two coats. Great opacity here, decent drying time, and helluva color. I can't get enough of these. (Comparison wheel coming up soon - promise.)

The top photo was shot at the time of day - night - when the northern Swedish summer is at its darkest, just before midnight. In the midst of summer, it never gets darker than a rainy day. (Further north, the sun doesn't set at all.) Not the best time to shoot, that's why it's so terribly grainy, but the bottom photo was shot the next day. Also, this one wore pretty well, accordingly to my few experiences with Kleancolor, so you will be seeing it again shortly. [Insert intriguing thriller like music.]

Swedish word of the day:
midnattssol -noun midnight sun
Some day, I'll be watching it!