Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melon our mellon

Yeah, do you speak Elvish?! I sure as hell don't, but I won't ever forget the word for friend in tha particular made-up language. It's like the huge punchline of that entire movie. ...Whichever that was.

It also seems that the melon fruit really is our mellon, at least when it comes to nailart. It is always tempting to just add a little extra to a red or pink manicure to create that super tempting look of a sliced watermelon. So, I decided I shouldn't be worse than anyone else, and attempted one as an accent to my pedicure.

Here is what I used:

H&M Aquatini, OPI Dress to Empress, China Glaze Watermelon Rind (of course!), Essie Marshmallow, and a black creme, which happened to be a Color Club. (All set on my daughter's super cute denim blouse.)

And here is the result!

Aquatini for my eight toes that in my opinion are too small to paint arty, and my big toe got two coats of Dress to Empress, one french line of Essie Marshmallow, and on top of that another line of Watermelon Rind. I finished it all up by dotting little black seeds with a toothpick.

I know. It blows. I suck in the nailart department. But at least I tried, and you gotta give a girl a pat on the back for being brave enough to show you!

Swedish word of the day:
vattenmelon -noun watermelon
That one was hard, wasn't it?


  1. How freakin cute is that?! I love it!!

  2. Thats adorable! The seeds came out great.

  3. Ahhh, super cute! Especially those little seeds!

  4. Awesome!!!
    I can now just do my toes w/o painting the rest of my feet :)

  5. OMFG that is fucking cute

  6. Very cute :) I did something simualr on my fingers not too long ago

  7. Dude, I still say it's adorable. You won't convince me otherwise!

  8. In what world does that blow? The nail art is amazing and the aqua combined with the watermelon colors is inspired. If I thought I could do the nail art half as well I'd copy you in an instant!

  9. It looks great!

    Here was my attempt... *psst* yours is better :)

  10. Thank you ladies, you're all too nice to me! :D

    fennelbeat: In my world of standards I hold too high, only for myself. :) The seeds are placed in a non-watermelony way! My friend actuallt thought I had made strawberry toes... ;) I always thought I sucked at doing stuff freehand, including the simplest regular mani, but with time I've gotten more confident and can keep calm enough not to get tremor-y all over my fingers and toes. LOL

    Jackie S.: Awwm I think your's is better than mine! It actually does look like watermelon, with the pinkish color and the seeds, contraty to mine. ;)


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