Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zoya Edyta

I'm out of words.

So, this is Edyta. Two coats. She really is a beauty! She's green, right? Well. Here's a surprise for you. The base is actually blue. But it is so packed with bronzey coppery tiny foil flake shimmer that the impression is green. I'm labelling it a green. A nice, mossy green. But when you soak it in your remover drenched pad, it will turn blue. I am so embarassed to show this one on my nails, because of the condition they are in. Sorry about that. Hope you can enjoy this beautiful color anyway.

To give you an idea, here Edyta is stuck in between LA Girl Metal Metallic Olive and Sephora by OPI Absinthe Makes The Heart (in that order).

Not the same. But in the same division. All are three coats, but the Zoya don't need the third- the other ones need it badly.

Swedish word of the day:
dagbrott -noun open-pit mine
Metal comes from somewhere...


  1. thanks for the comparison picks

  2. Wow, this is a must-have for me!

  3. I must get this one. It looks gorgeous on your nails.

  4. This looks like a reay "you colour"! Nice nice! :D

  5. One of my new favorites! You can even get away with just one coat if you're careful.

  6. Fy fan vad jag längtar efter mitt Edyta nu. Hon borde komma vilken dag som helst. Det är så vackert att man nästan får andnöd. Och min katt heter Edit, den svenska formen av Edyta...

  7. Sminkan: Undrar när lacket Stöj kommer?! xD

  8. Du kan nog få vänta på det lacket. Å andra sidan, Edit har jag haft i 15 år och inget lack har dykt upp förräns nu. :D

    Dessvärre fanns inga Zoya i posten idag heller. Jag var helt vild i morse och kunde knappt tänka på annat innan posten kom. Var så säker att de skulle vara med idag. Men nej... Hoppas nu verkligen de kommer i morgon. Håll tummarna!


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